You won’t believe these photos are taken with a smartphone!

Gone are the days when you needed a high quality camera with you to click ‘good’ pics. Photography is no longer a hobby of a few, but of many, of almost everyone now, thanks to the smartphone makers for delivering superb camera quality in the devices meant to communicate mainly. For the past some time, companies have been taking camera as serious part, as it literally leaves a great impact on sales graph of their smartphones. With incredible camera in smartphones, taking pics on the go has become easy, has become common.

When we think about pics clicked by smartphone’s camera, we mostly think of the pics with no professional touch in it. But believe me, after going through this post, you will admit that taking high quality, DSLR-type pics from smartphone’s camera is actually possible. Many superb quality pics have been taken with smartphones’ camera so far. After going through a number of such photos, I’m here with the list of 10 amazing photos taken with a smartphone.

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1. Spalding House 

Spalding House

Pics of humans, natural beauties are beautiful, but the beauty touches peak when it’s pic of wildlife. This pic of lizard is a watchful. This is taken at gardens of the Honolulu Museum of Art. Isn’t cute the way lizard is looking at the camera, as if she knows she’s being getting pictured. This cuteness speaks the beauty of this wonderful pic. It’s taken with Nexus 4 stock camera app and then cropped into the square with the stock app itself. Constata overlay and Sanna effect have been added with Pixl-r-omatic.

Source: Tom Nauw

Smartphone: Nexus 4

2. Stark Tree

Stark Tree

Just look at the stark appearance of this tree. The weather also seems to be in the mood. The combination of both is delivering a fabulous look captured at perfect time with HTC Rezound.

Source: Randy Gibson

Smartphone: HTC Rezound

3. Best Architecture 

Best Architecture

Architects do their best to deliver the best. You must have got the chance to see lovely piece of architecture, for once at the very least. Whether or not, this pic is a watchful for sure. Commendable work done by architectures, and work worth pat on back by photographer as well. The beauty of this pic is perfect food for one’s eyes, right?

Soruce: Yilang Peng

4. Red Rock National Park

Red Rock National Park

Yet another piece of incredible beauty clicked with smartphone’s camera. This pic was taken at Red Rock National Park in Las Vegas, Nevada. Nokia Lumia 925 is the device used to click this pic. The background is blurred a bit with Nokia Creative Studios.

Source: Alexandre Dulaunoy

Smartphone: Nokia Lumia 925

5. Taken with Samsung Galaxy S3

Pic With Galaxy S3

Galaxy S3 is loved because of its many features. Camera part has been praised by everyone. The high quality of this pic answers why Galaxy S3’s camera is counted among the best cameras in smartphones. Just see the color capturing capability of the camera. Hard to believe that it’s clicked by smartphone, right?

Source: Flickr

6. Squirrel


iPhone 4S is a mighty device with incredible quality to offer in the camera part. At first look, you won’t believe that this pic is taken with iPhone 4S. The quality is just fabulous, something that you mostly see in the pics taken by DSLRs only.

Source: Link

Smartphone: iPhone 4S

7. Pic with Galaxy Note

Pic With Galaxy Note

The city is silent, but sometimes, silence is better than uttering words. In this context, silence is delivering a watchful scene. There is yellow light on few houses, which takes the beauty level to extreme. It’s taken with Samsung Galaxy Note.

Source: Zhang Yu

8. Flying High

Flying High

iPhone 5S camera’s burst mode is best. Don’t go with the words, go with what you are seeing here. Yes, this pic is taken with iPhone 5S. Perfect timing in clicking this pic. The photographer deserves pat on back, of course, the Apple too, for delivering amazing camera quality in iPhone 5S.

Source: CNET

Smartphone: iPhone 5S

9. Night View of Singapore

Night View of Singapore

Singapore’s night view delivers an eye-catching look. If you have ever been here in your life, then you must be knowing the aforesaid fact already. Photographer has perfectly captured the night view of Singapore with HTC HD2. The night is dark with only light coming from the lighting used in buildings. The lights seem like twinkling stars, no?

Source: Link

Smartphone: HTC HD2

10. Setting sun

Setting Sun

This pic of Setting Sun is taken with iPhone 5S Camera. This camera indeed competes with highly expensive DSLRs, no? The light of Setting Sun is falling on bushes which are giving a gold-like look.

Source: Apple

Smartphone: iPhone 5S

So, these were 10 best pictures taken with smartphone camera. As a smartphone user, you must have clicked many pics by now. Mind sharing your work with us? Sharing is caring. Show your photography skills to us, to world.


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