10 most expensive homes of the world

The big fortress like front doors, ample number of rooms, exquisite gardens, high class amenities, tennis courts, pools, theater and everything that you can imagine in the dreams of your dreams!

These big mansions like houses existing in the real world too. Some of the richest people on earth are the owner of these expensive villas.

Here below is the complete list of 10 most expensive homes in the world in the reverse order.

10. Bran Castle

bran castle most expensive

Image: Bran-Castle.com

This castle turned museum is on the list of national monuments of Romania. It was built in the year 1212 and also known as the Dracula Castle as it was used in a movie for the Dracula house.

It has more than 50 rooms and 15 separate bedrooms with classic furniture with making the total cost of this home nearly US $135 million.

9. Updown Court

updown court mansion

Image: Telegraph

This 58 acres of land piece has 103 bedrooms, a tennis court, theater, and parking available for over 6 limos. It is situated in a village of England and cost around US $138 million.

8. The Manor

The Manor los angeles

Image: Wikipedia

This 123 room house with tennis court, swimming pool, spa area, theater, bowling alley and parking space of over 90 cars is biggest in the Los Angeles, California.

This was built back in 1988 and is currently owned by Petra Ecclestone worth US $150 million.

7. Pinnacle Montana

The Pinnacle Montana

The warm floors, bathroom fireplaces, massage room, 10 extraordinary bedrooms and a gym make this one an ideal house for the super chilled weather of Montana.

This Tim and Edra Blixseth house is one of the most expensive in both USA and world with the net cost of US $155 million.

6. Victorian Villa

Victorian Villa ukraine

Image: CelebBuzz

The actual girls’ school has facilities like a movie theater, basement swimming pool and a huge garage. The Villa is situated in Ukraine and worth US $161 million.

5. Hearst Castle

Hearst Castle pool

Image: Wikipedia

The Leonard Ross’s castle has 29 bedrooms, a movie theater, nightclub, 3 swimming pools and a tennis court in it. This was built by USA newspaper king William Randolph Hearst.

It has been used in the shooting of famous ‘Godfather’ movie and cost around US $190 million.

4. Fairfield Pond

Fairfield Pond

Image credit

The 63 acre luxury house is the biggest residential villa in the USA. It has over 25 bedrooms and 34 bathrooms in it. Now, for what on earth you need so much for a single family!

It has a basketball court along with 5 tennis courts, a bowling alley and a hot tub costing US $150,000 of the total cost US $220 million of this home.

3. The Penthouse

the penthouse london

Image: DailyMail

Can you imagine a flat in the list of most expensive homes? If not, then The Penthouse will force you to say a yes! The most expensive flat in the world is situated in central London with spa, squash rooms and wine tasting rooms.

Security features like the panic room, iris scanner and bullet proof windows add up to make this flat worth US $225 million.

2. Villa Leopolda

villa leopolda expensive home

Image: ealuxe

This luxurious home is on 20 acres of area with 11 king size bedrooms, 14 bathrooms and a swimming pool. It is the only house in the world with a private beach on the coastline of the French Riviera! Now, that’s something very unique.

The US $750 million price tag makes it one of the expensive homes in the world and the most expensive in Europe; owned by the ‘Brooklyn Nets’ owner Mikhail Prokhorov.

1. Antilla

The Indian business tycoon and one of the richest people on the planet earth, Mukesh Ambani is the owner of this residential tower in Mumbai, India. The Antilla has first 6 floors for parking only!

antilla mumbai mukesh ambani

Image: Forbes

It can even sustain 8.0 degrees of earthquake without getting any scratch on it. The amenities like, bars, pools, library, elevators, theaters and lord Krishna temple make the total cost of this house net US $1 Billion. The most expensive house in the world!

Wrap Up

So guys, how was your journey? I guess, you enjoyed it as each and every home listed above is just unique in itself with almost heaven like amenities which makes them most expensive and leisured properties on the planet.

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and if you know anything else about these homes, which haven’t been mentioned over here then, let us know that too.

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