10 most hilarious Photoshop fails that will leave you die laughing

Photoshop is a great tool. It can do wonders in the right hands. But it can produce some funny results in the wrong hands. Look what happens when these people edit their pictures in Photoshop trying to make their dreams come true, by posing with a celebrity, adding fake muscles or their dream car. These pictures are Photoshopped so bad, that you will go *facepalm*. Don’t forget to share with your friends to make them laugh and even warn them of what not to do with Photoshop 😉

1. I just bought a Ferrari, wanna go on a ride?

ferrari photoshop fail
via: break.com

2. Just hanging out with my girlfriend, my Bentley and iPhone

rip photoshop funny

3. I workout really hard at the gym, look at my abs

six pack abs photoshop fail funny
via: copypast.ru

4. We’re so popular that there is always a long line outside our store.

long line store photoshopped
via: Break.com

5. R.I.P Photoshop + R.I.P English

rip photoshop and rip english

6. Finally, Spider Man’s secret identity revealed!

spider main photoshop fail

7. Meet my new girlfriend

funny bike girl photoshop fail

8. I woke up in a new Bugatti

funny kid bugatti photoshop
Source: Imgur

 9. Nice moves bro

funny skate park photoshop fail
Source: Imgur

10. So easy, I can do it with hands in my pockets

funny wrestling photoshop fail
Source: 9Gag
BRB, dying laughing

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