Advantages of Rooting LG G2 – Why Root

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February 20, 2014 Mobile Phones Tips No comments

The smartphones are good enough to use them and make the daily life cozier than it was before the era of these gadgets. The immense apps, functions and features they provide from entertainment to lifestyle, health to fitness, movies to music and much more. Even though, the people are always looking for more. They just want their smartphone to do the tasks for which it’s not meant or maybe has been restricted to do you so.

Well, the solution is here. The rooting of your device will do the much needed exploitation for your appetite of power.

The LG G2 is latest on the arena to get exploited by users as the phone has got some real potential. I’ll guide you step by step for rooting your LG G2 android smartphone but, let’s first take a look at the advantages it’ll get after rooting.

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why and how to root lg g2

Advantages of rooting LG G2

  • After you’ve rooted your phone, then you can use the full potential of it to do the tasks which were not supported by your phone earlier.
  • The customization is the best of android to get the look with your utmost desire and as soon as you’ll do rooting the phone will become all yours with some new cool options of customization.
  • Many users prefer rooting because they have the older versions of android and can’t use some of the apps which are only able to run on higher version. Well, root your device and all apps will run on any version of android you have.
  • The custom ROMs which will get used in the rooted device are simply more powerful than the earlier ROMs and will definitely will give you more enhanced processing speed.

Now, here is your complete guide to root your LG G2 just after completing the below list.

How to root LG G2

Charge your LG G2 completely to stay connected all the time and get the data backed up before root, so when the device is rooted you can get back your old data.

Download and install the essential drivers and rooting package. The link is mentioned below.

Rooting Drivers

Rooting Package

When you’ve done all the above things, then you can proceed to the rooting finally which will go as following steps below.

  • First of all, just go to the ‘system settings’ in MENU and click on ‘about phone’ after hitting GENERAL.
  • Now, in about phone option, click ‘software information’ and unlock the ‘developer options’ by entering the ‘build number’ in the provided space.
  • Once all that’s done, just go back to the menu and enable ‘USB debugging’ and plug your LG G2 via PC or laptop with the ‘original USB cable’.
  • Extract the rooting package on the desktop and run the file with the name ‘root.bat’. After that, just follow the instruction which will pop on the screen.
  • Then, go back to the ‘developer options’ and after turning off the ‘USB debugging’ turn it on again.
  • Again connect your LG G2 to the PC which you’ve removed after reading the instruction and hit any key on your keyboard.
  • Just for a few seconds and that’s all! You now have the extra power LG G2 in your hand.

Wrap Up

The rooting is definitely is a good option for making use of the full potential of the phone  and getting extra for what you’ve paid. But, as the consequences of rooting you will lose the warranty of your device until you have undone everything.

The exploitation of your phone by rooting also exploits the security so if still you want to go for the rooting you can do that I guess with your LG G2.

If you’re facing any issues with the rooting then let us know that and will try to help you with your issues.

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