Battery Life Of Samsung Note 3

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September 15, 2013 Mobile Phones No comments

Samsung put full stop to all the rumors on Note 3 and unveiled it recently. Samsung had made several changes to Note 3 compared to its previous model in same series i.e. Note 2. Note 3 has better resolution 1920 x 1080 (Note 2 : 1280 x 720), 3GB RAM (Note 2 : 2GB), better processors like 2.3-GHz quad-core chipset/1.9-GHz octa-core processor (Note 2 : 1.6-GHz quad-core processor), 13 mega pixel camera (8MP in Note 2) etc. Even features like Drama shot, Best shot, sound & shot etc. which are already present in S4 are also added to Note 3. Samsung which is already in top position in smart phone category is trying to attain that position in the phablets segment also.

samsung galaxy note 3 Battery life

Battery Life Of Samsung Note 3

Samsung also improved it mammoth 3100Ah (Note 2) battery to 3200mAh (Note 3) battery. In our previous test which is considered as heavy usage includes browsing on Wi-Fi and 3G, watching HD videos, playing high end games etc., Note 2 lasted more than 10 hours. We kept the brightness at 40% for that test. It is far better when compared with the other phablet category smart phones which hardly last for 7-8 hrs with same usage.

Though the battery is just slightly improved, we expect better battery performance from the Note3. The improved battery has to sustain the improved features like better resolution; better processor, high RAM etc and the company is claiming that the battery will last 25% longer as Note 3 is equipped envelope technology.

Samsung claims that though the battery power is improved only by 100mAh the new chip in Note 3 uses 30% less power. This is due to reduction in size of chip (envelope tracker developed by Qualcomm) and its efficiency in grabbing the signal from the network. The company estimates that due to this the overall battery life of note3 can be improved by 25% when compared to note 2.

In general all the LTE carrier devices require high powered amplifier otherwise the network signal will be distorted. So the power requirements of LTE handset is very bad and for every 4watt you charge only one watt is used efficiently and effectively and all the remaining part is absorbed by signal receiver. This envelope will reduce those losses by tightly folding the power waveform.

The main reason for less power usage by envelope tracker is its ability to match the power required after receiving the signal from signal amplifier. It is not simple as it said and Samsung claims that this is the first time this technology is used in commercial mobile devices.  This technology is used in Note 3 and other mobile manufacturing companies are also trying to use the same technology in their forth coming devices.

There are some many factors to drain the battery in Note 3. Main consumers of the battery power in Note 3 includes the processor, big and high resolution display, background apps, videos etc. Though all these are speculations we have to wait till the device comes out for full hands on review.

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