Best Android Apps for Students

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July 29, 2014 Apps Tips No comments

The Android has turned out as boon for many so far. The apps meant for it are problem-solvers for many. For students too, Android devices can offer a great help. Yes, there are many Android apps meant to help the students. Just browse the ‘education’ category in Google Play, and you will see a flood of apps meant for students. Obviously, just like any other category, not all apps that fall in this one are worth using. To save your time and to make your Android device house for deserving apps, I’m here with the list of best Android apps for students.

best android apps for stude

Top Android apps for students


I still remember my academic days when I had to go through bundle of notes when preparing for exams. It was indeed head aching task, and a reason to hate exams. Thanks to Evernote that this problem can be solved in digitized way. With Evernote, taking notes become easy and interesting. You can save important notes as text, voice recording or pic in your Android device with the help of Evernote app. Saving notes in this manner help you increase your productivity. It’s must have app for all students out there.

Share Your Board

Capture the whiteboard of your class and share it with ease using this popular app. The other students do the same so that you can get their whiteboard data. The app has got a unique concept that has helped many students so far. The app has won several awards since its release. It’s available for free in Google Play.

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We all are well aware from the importance and use of Wikipedia in getting information regarding anything online. This online encyclopedia is helping billions of people daily. It’s pretty helpful for students too. Although you can access Wikipedia from any browser that you have in your Android device, but believe me, you don’t yourself want to go through such a tedious process. You want an easy access to Wikipedia, right? Wikipedia official Android app delivers you so. Like the previous ones, it’s also available for free in Google Play.

Task management is an important thing to be done by every student. helps in it. It’s the best task management app out of hundreds available for Android. The app offers many good features to make the task management simple and interesting thing.


Those out of you who just hates doing Maths, must try out this app. It teaches Math in an impressive way.With it, you can get instant answers to your Math problems. It covers almost every part of Maths. The nice and intuitive user-interface makes the app simple to use. Download this app for free from Google Play to make Maths interesting.

Well, apart from these, there are many other apps meant for students. The above listed ones are must have on Android device of every student. So, do take the next step and install these apps on your Android smartphone or tablet right away.

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