Best ways to change fonts on Android device

Whenever you see any text written/printed on your PC, TV, Smartphone etc, the fonts play a vital role in deciding what impact gets delivered to you. While many of you must already know the ways to change fonts on PC, but only a very few might already know about the ways to do so on Android device. Yes, changing fonts on Android device is possible.

If you are fed up with your Android’s boring text appearance, then believe me, changing fonts can help you for sure. There are various methods about how to do so. Here, I’m explaining the best ways to change fonts on Android device.

change android fonts

3 ways to change Android fonts

Use Custom Skins/Launchers

Let’s not enter into world of complexity and get confused. To keep the things simple and easy, you should opt for this method. Just use custom skin or launcher to have all new experience of your old Android device. There are many custom launchers available on Google Play. Yeah, they come in both free and paid versions.

To be honest, I did not find the need to try out custom skins/launchers so far, cause my Android’s default skin comes with the option to change the fonts. Of course, there are not too many options available when changing fonts, but still, good enough to keep my interest in my old Android device. I would suggest you to check out in settings section of your Android device if there is option to change fonts. If there is so, maybe you won’t feel the need of any custom skin/launcher.

Those who would like to use any custom skin/launcher, I recommend to use the  Go Launcher Ex. This highly popular launcher has got 4.5-star rating and millions of users. These two factors speak about the usefulness of this launcher. Below, I’m providing the steps that you need to follow to change fonts in GO Launcher EX.

  • Of course, first of all, download and install the Go Launcher Ex. It’s available for free in Google Play. Click this download link.
  • Now, download the TTF file of your favorite font.
  • Copy this TTF font file and paste it in  /sdcard/GOLauncherEX/fonts directory.
  • Open the Go Launcher Ex. Once opened, tap the Menu button, and from the options that come, tap Preferences button. This will bring the settings page of Go Launcher.
  • Now, tap on Visual Settings and then tap on Font tab that lies on the left side.
  • Tapping Scan Font option will make the app start scanning of new fonts in the aforementioned fonts directory. The app will detect the font files pasted by you.
  • Tap the Select Font option and now can select any font that you want to use.
  • That’s it. You will see the new font in your Android now. In the same way, you can download more fonts and can use them in your Android device. No need to deal with the boring Android’s default font anymore.
  • By the way, if you like, you can download pack of interesting fonts available for free in Google Play. Click this link to download it.

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Methods that Require Rooted Android Device

There are few other methods that require root access to change font on Android device. So, if you have rooted Android device, then you can opt for these methods. If you would like to know how to root your Android device, you can simply Google to get the best method for it. Note that rooting Android voids device’s warranty.

Font Installer App

If you have rooted Android device, then this app is best way to get new fonts on your Android device. Although using this app is pretty simple and you don’t need to learn it, but still, to make things easy for you, I’m providing the steps about how to use Font Installer app to change fonts on Android device.

  • First of all, copy TTF font file to  /sdcard directory.
  • Now open the Font Installer app and then tap Local tab that will bring the directory explorer.
  • Locate the TTF file that you just pasted in /sdcard directory.
  • On selecting the TTF file, a new dialog box will pop-up which will allow you to preview and install the selected font.
  • It’s better to preview how the font would look like. If you like it, then install it to use as default font on your Android device.
  • When asked to reboot your device, tap Yes.

That’s it. You have successfully changed font on your Android device using Font Installer app.

Using ADB to Change Font on Android Device

Android Debug Bridge can be used to change font on Android device. It’s typical way to opt for. If you have used ADB ever before, then only opt for this method, otherwise you will be sweating later on.

Before you dive into the process, make sure you have ADB installed on your PC. Also make sure to have USB drivers meant for your Android device, installed on your PC. Of course, you also need to have TTF file of desired font.

  • First, find out the name of your system’s font file. Rename the downloaded font file to give it name of system’s font file. In this way you get impostor system file with you.
  • Connect your device with PC and then paste the impostor system font file in /sdcard directory.
  • Open command prompt on your PC. Enter the following command to run remote shell interactively.

adb shell

  • After this, run the following commands:


mount -o remount,rw /system

  • Backup the original font file by entering following commands:

cd /system/fonts

mv OriginalFontFile.ttf OriginalFontFile.ttf.bak

Of course, you should replace the OriginalFile with the name of font file.

  • From the /sdcard directory, copy the impostor font file and paste to the fonts directory. Below is the command to do so.

cp /sdcard/OriginalFile.ttf /system/fonts

  • Run the following command to make sure that the file you copied is readable by system.

chmod 644 OriginalFile.ttf

  • Enter the following command to quit the interactive shell.


  • Simply reboot your Android device now. You will find the new font installed in it.

So, these were few methods to change font on Android device. If you need any help, regarding any  of these methods, then feel free to contact us. You can drop your queries in the below comment box.

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