Cool Futuristic Gadget Designs & Ideas That You’ll Love

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December 23, 2013 Electronics No comments

Gadgets are an integral part of modern livings. With the advancement of modern science and latest technology, they are equipped with some innovative and amazing techniques. Unique and pioneering concepts add some exclusive features and superior functions to these devices. Not only the functionality, but also the appearance of gadgets has also changed to a remarkable extent.

Modern gadgets like Google Glass or Apple iPhone amaze the users not only for their surprising functionality but also for their appealing and sleek appearance. There is no doubt about the fact that a list of gadgets will unveil their appearance in future only to make people surprise with their incredible functionality and amazing appearance. Below are the concepts of some cool gadgets that exist only in the mind of people only a few years earlier, but now is the reality. Some unique concepts are also there that are greatly expected to be implemented in future.

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Wireless electricity

wireless electricity technology

Wireless electricity can open up a huge potential before the mankind. If it happens, it would be certainly considered as the most notable invention. Just assume of how good it is for you. You no longer require thinking of proper placement of the electronic equipments. You can place them anywhere based on your preference, instead of considering which power outlet is suitable to provide the necessary power supply to the gadgets. This will put an end to charge the batteries, hazardous wiring and many more. Your mobile and laptop will never go off with this incredible way. Apart from this, wireless electricity is the safest option to avoid any hazards from children, hopeless adults and pets. Hopefully, you will also realize a significant cut down in your electricity bill.

Transparent TV

Transparent TV

Imagine to place the latest designer transparent TV in the corner of your room. Just think how impressive it will be in reality, to add a touch of elegance or impress your visitors. If you are really interested in offering a futuristic look to your home, consider purchasing the latest designer television set. Michael Friebe designs this stunning piece of technology that comes with an excellent combination of the newest TOLED display along with the conventional LCD technology. You can enjoy solid moving images with brilliant contrast that ranges from pristine white to solid black. Display of the TV is enriched with rich color reproduction.

Varying wall color

color changing wall technology

Monotonous color of wall of your interior room affects to your mind and health to a great extent. If you are getting bored with the same and wish to add something unique that can change your mood, consider of installing the latest designer changing wall. Imagine the rainbow, white and black colors reflecting in your wall, to offer a great vibe to you. Do not consider it to be LED or something similar to that. The color is basically generated as the result of turning triangles of various colors on them. Researches on the same will surely offer a wide array of color combination in the near future.

Napkin PC

Napkin PC technology

Napkin PC is a product designed for professionals who can work on an idea anywhere. The computer is in the base station, processed data is transmitted to the pen and pen relays the image to the Napkin interface (short range RF). The napkin interface is a multi touch input e-paper surface. This e-paper requires so little energy that it can be inductively powered. OLED display on the face of the base station gives status information only. The pen wirelessly powers the Napkin interface when it comes within range.

MacBook Touch

flexible macbook touch all in one

Have you ever imagined of a desktop computer, full-size tablet, traditional laptop, tabletop presentation screen, eBook reader in a single device? Tommaso Gecchelin has unveiled this undreamed of technological device. His MacBook Touch is equipped with all the latest devices and depended on the flexible technology namely iSpine that is yet to be invented. There is no room to think that it is an unimaginable choice and has a lot of potential. This will be an exciting one that comes with multifunctional features.

Miniscule Adjustick Cell Phone

Miniscule Adjustick pen size Cell Phone

Advancement of technology has improved the functionality of the latest gadgets. But, the appearance of the gadget is becoming even smaller with the passage of time. This is the case with cell phones, as well. At CEATEC technology convention of Japan, a new concept of futuristic cell phone is exposed. This sounds to be almost impossible to have a cell phone that looks like a pen. But, the functionality of the cell phone is unquestionable. The pen like gadget projects a functional keyboard and screen only when it is placed on its side.

The list of the futuristic device is quite long. Researches and invention around the world can create a revolutionary change in the world. Above mentioned are some of the cool gadgets to name from the long lists of the futuristic gadgets as these are believed to be in power on the near future.

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