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If you are a fan of Clash of Clans, then you want to get more fun. Like any other strategy game, there are many benefits of learning how to play Clash of Clans on PC. Here we will go through some of them, only after a quick reminder on how to play Clash of Clans on computer.If you love to play games on your Android smartphones and tablets then you will come across a lot of categories of games in Google Play store. There are different categories of games available in Google Play store and strategy games is one of most popular category which you will find in Google Play store. Clash of Clans is a strategy game available in Google Play store. You can play the game on your Android smartphones and tablets by downloading for free from Google Play store. Build your own village the way you want to build and protect it from the attacks of your enemies in Clash of Clans. Clash of Clans is the best strategy game which you will get in Google Play store. If you want to play Clash of Clans for PC you can use Bluestacks app player which is an Android emulator. Follow the guide shared below if you want to play Clash of Clans for PC using Bluestacks app player. Below is the full guide to do the installation.

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Clash of Clans is a Native Android Game

Any PC does not natively support the Clash of Clans game (neither Windows nor Mac). There are ways to learn how to play Clash of Clans on PC. To do it, you will have to install an Android emulator.

There are many emulators available online, and guides to install Clash of Clans. However, you need to know that it is a risky procedure. You will install third party software that can compromise your PC’s security. To get to know how to install an android emulator safety, read our next post.

Features of Clash of Clans for PC

Let’s have a look at features of Clash of Clans for PC before we tell you how you can play this game on your PC.

  • Build your village by adding different production units which you can use in the game. Add defense units so that your village is not destroyed by the attacks done by your enemies.
  • Create the best army of soldiers by adding barbarians, hog riders, archers, wizards in clash of clans.
  • You are not the only player who is playing this game. Clash of Clans has the online multiplayer mode where you will play with other players online. Battle with other players, destroy their base and loot all their resources in the game.
  • If you are playing with your friends you can form a clan. Create a clan with random players or your friends to take on other clans. You can also participate in the clan wars with your clan and take down the other clans in the game.
  • There are different units available for construction in Clash of Clans. A total of 18 units can be constructed in Clash of Clans.


There is a controversy over the legality of downloading emulators to achieve Clash of Clans on PC. Officially, Supercell does not support Clash of Clans on computer, and if you have any problem with it, they will not solve it for you.

Use a reputable site to download an emulator to manage to play Clash of Clans on your computer. Don’t install suspicious programs.

How to play Clash of Clans for PC

Now you know what the game is all about and the features of this game. To play this game on your PC you need to have Bluestacks app player which is an Android emulator. Follow the guide shared below if you want to play Clash of Clans for PC.

  1. First of all you need to download Bluestacks app player. The software can be downloaded from this link.
  2. After downloading of the software has been completed start installing it on your PC by following on-screen instructions.
  3. After installation is done add your Google account details.
  4. Now go to the Search tab and enter “Clash of Clans” there and hit Enter.
  5. Open Clash of Clans from search results and click on Install which will start downloading and installing the game on your PC.

Once installed, you can play Clash of Clans on your PC. You can similarly install apps likes DubSmash, Subway Surfers and any other Android app on your PC.

6 Reasons to Learn How to Play Clash of Clans on PC

Reason Number 1 to Play Clash of Clans on PC: The Big Advantage

All strategy games, like Clash of Clans, have an advantage if you learn how to play Clash of Clans on computer. If you do not guess it by now, here is a hint: it is big.

The big screen! It is true that the game is available on Android, and you can play it on your tablet. However, even a bigger screen (even your TV) can increase your gaming experience significantly.

Reason Number 2 to Play Clash of Clans on PC: The Graphics

Some cell phones do not take advantage of the Clash of Clans graphics. Particularly old mobiles have weak resolutions. One of the most appealing features of Clash of Clans is its graphical experience. It gives a sense of adventure in your world.

Reason Number 3 to Play Clash of Clans on PC: Long Gaming Hours

It is much easier to play on a PC than on a mobile phone. There are also the battery issues. If you are a real fan of Clash of Clones, you know that you can spend hours on the game. From creating villages to training troops, there is so much to prepare for battles.

Once you are ready to do battles, there is, even more, fun. If you are playing worldwide, you might have already forged a powerful clan. A leader is that who spends hours playing. Either you attach your phone to the charger, or your battery dies in no time. That is not comfortable at all. To play long gaming hours is a good reason to get your Clash of Clones game to your computer.

Reason Number 4 to Play Clash of Clans on PC: Plan a Strategy

The bigger screen and no interruptions on your game with messages or unexpected phone calls will improve your strategy. Turn into your plan learning how to play Clash of Clans on PC.

You will find yourself with a more efficient game that allows you utterly destroy enemy clans. Your management skills will sharp to win battles, and your overall progress in the game will boost in no time.

Reason Number 5 to Play Clash of Clans on PC: Safeguard your Village

You can lead your Clash of Clones army to victory, but it will not be useful if you do not have a big village. Enemies will attack you in no time if you have a flaw. You can learn how to play Clash of Clans on the computer as part of your defense strategy.

If you wonder how, then imagine how you will get a better view of your village on your desktop. The bigger screen will help you to see the finest details. You will be able to safeguard better the surrounding area of your village and prevent vicious attacks.

Your fortress can become unbeatable with the new strategies you will come up with as you can see your domains better fitting on a larger screen. Players online while you are offline will not harm you as much as they did before, and you will strengthen your clan by enhancing your defense.

Reason Number 6 to Play Clash of Clans on PC: Attack!

If you can make a better strategy for defense, you will plan attacks in such a way that the only option will be to beat your opponents. Alliances will come natural and everybody will beg you to be on your side. You will be able to choose the strongest players online.

Position bombs, mortars and cannons in an unbeatable place. Watch as your enemies realign and go ahead of their strategy with your seamless view of wider details.

There are endless opportunities you can exploit once you start playing Clash of Clans on PC. Give it a shot you will find 100 more reasons to keep on playing on your PC instead of your mobile phone or tablet. In any case, since the information is stored online, you can always choose where to play.


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