Early Rumored Specs, Release Date, Price of LG G4

To give a tough competition to its rivals in flagship smartphone market, the LG released LG G3 recently. This smartphone has been gaining praise since its release, which is a good sign for company. What’s quite surprising is that the virtual world of web is all full with rumors about LG G4, which is believed to LG’s G-series’ next member. This is literally insane that G3 just made its entry in the market, but all have started talking about LG G4. Anyways, we’ve analyzed all those rumors and have made a set of features that could be part of LG G4. Of course, it’s too early to speculate for now, but still, you will get a little idea of what you will get in next big thing by LG.

lg g4 pictures

LG G4 concept (concept-phones.com)


The design part of LG G3 has won praises from all. It seems LG has started taking design part seriously. Nothing surprising, as LG knows that build quality of smartphones pay a big role in their sales graph. Since there is big time yet to pass before we get LG G4, so we expect LG to deliver premium design in G4. Definition of ‘Premium’ is likely to be different at the launch time of G4, than it is now. Waterproof design will help LG G4 earn the tag of ‘best build quality smartphone’.


If the rumors are to be believed, LG G4 will come with 5.7 inch screen with True HD –IPS +LCD display. All companies are working hard to deliver superb display quality in their flagships. By the time LG G4 gets into market, there will already be smartphones with incredible display quality. It would be interesting to see if LG G4 will beat them all or not.

From the rumors, we expect LG G4 to come with 4600+ ppi. It will be a big upgrade, as LG G3 has 3534ppi.


Processor part of LG G4 is rumored the most. Taking all rumors, we expect LG G4 to get blessed with any of Qualcomm Snapdragon 801/802/805/808 chip. Octa Core processor in LG G4 with 3GHz clock speed, is likely to please all. Since processor works as key factor in deciding smartphone’s demand, so we believe LG to do wonder in it. What that wonder should be? Ticking time will answer it.

Operating System

Just like LG G3, the LG G4 will be Android based smartphone. Android 5.0 version is likely to be part of this rumored smartphone. Impressive combination of hardware and software will surely take LG G4 to high point in the sales volume graph.


As per the some rumors, LG G4 will come with 15MP Primary Camera. There are rumors about 17MP as well. If we take them all anything to go with, then expect LG G4 to have 15-17MP rear camera. 3-4MP Secondary Camera is what we expect to get in this upcoming LG-tagged smartphone.


32GB and 64GB memory variants of LG G4 will hit the market. There will be support for microSD card of up to 128GB. We expect LG to bring 32GB version with 3GB RAM, while 64GB version with 4GB RAM.


We’ve got a very fer rumors about what could be battery’s rating in LG G4. As per those few rumors, expect to see 3,500mAh battery in this possible next big launch by LG.

lg g4 concept

LG G4 concept – concept-phones.com

Release Date and Price

LG G4 will most likely get announced by LG in May, 2015. If that happens, then you expect it to reach the stores in month of June or July of next year. We expect near around $900 price tag of this smartphone.

Final Words

The ticking time will bring more rumors about LG G4. The actual device may be totally different from what we speculate. So, take the aforementioned rumored features with grain of salt.

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