How To Factory Reset Acer Aspire V5

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September 15, 2013 Electronics No comments

Acer aspire V5 (any laptop of this series) is an awesome laptop which comes with Windows 7 Operating System. Built with 15.4 inch screen, Acer designed this laptop mainly targeting the mid range section. With better hardware like i5 processor, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD it can do all the tasks assigned to it. Use can use this laptop to do heavy works like Photoshop, After Effects etc.  You can even play games like GTA, Max Payne, FIFA 2014 etc on low to mid settings. Integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enable its users to share any data instantly. All the laptops in this series are designed elegantly and all the models weigh less than 5 pounds. The usage of Acer Aspire V5 is simple and anyone who is facing troubles like heavy lag, bulk unwanted junk material, software or operating system problems can easily reset this laptop to its default or factory settings. This can be done in two ways excluding the windows recovery option.

How to hard reset Acer aspire v5 - Acer aspire v5

Before the windows OS loads up press “ALT + F10” i.e. both of them simultaneously and repeatedly. If you see “Boot Menu or Acer eRecovery Management” then continue otherwise you have to redo the same process to get the “Boot Menu or Acer eRecovery Management”. This will give you different options in which you have to select “Restore Operating System to its Default Settings”. Select it and then select “Next”. You can use arrow keys to choose and Enter key on keyboard to select. This will initiate the resetting process and you have to wait for several minutes to complete this process. Don’t panic if your laptop shutdowns while the process is going on. It will restart automatically and continues its process. It is very important to keep the power source on throughout the whole process or else it will give weird results. After the process is over the system will start with factory settings. As this process deletes all the data that is present on your hard disk take a backup of your system to keep your data safe.

The second method is via the windows software itself. When your laptop is on, close all the programs and click on “Start” and then click on “All Programs”.  Find the folder with name “Acer” and click on it. There will be an option with name “Acer eRecovery Management”. Click on it and a window with different tabs will open. Find and click on “Restore” tab. Then click on “Restore Operating System to Factory Defaults” and a dialog box will appear to confirm your action. Click “yes” on it. Then to start the process click on “Start” button which is present in the already opened dialog box. This will open a window to choose where you want to save your previous operating system. Select your desired location and click O.K. This will initiate the process and the previous OS is saved to your desired location and the OS with factory default settings will be installed. After the process is over the notebook will prompt for “Restart” and click on it. Then the laptop will restart with factory default settings.

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