How to factory reset HP laptop

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Factory reset is an option which formats the laptop completely, including all the partitions and data. After the process of factory reset the laptop is in the exact condition of purchasing in terms of software. It’ll remove all the additions and changes made by the user. So if anybody wants access to old data afterwards, it’s better to take a backup.

how to reset hp laptop

Here is the process to factory reset HP laptop.

There are basically three types of recovery methods which can be used to factory reset my HP laptop. The detailed process is described below with each possible option.

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Factory Reset When Windows Open Correctly

❖     This option is used when the laptop is functioning correctly. Below are the steps to follow

❖     The first step requires removing all kinds of cables, media, fax, printers, CDs, USBs from the laptop. Turn off the laptop after removing all of them.

❖     Start the computer now and go to the start menu and click on the all programs then on Recovery Manager.

Provide required password and permission for further proceedings.

❖     After all the permission granted a box will pop containing three options, namely ‘I need help immediately’, ‘I’d like to identify any problems’ and I’d like to take precautions.

❖     Click on ‘System Recovery’ option under the ‘I need help immediately’ option.

❖     The Recovery Manager will ask you once again that, are you sure to factory reset your laptop, click yes to that and the ‘Next’.

❖     If the recovery partition is working correctly on your laptop, then the next option will be of backup creating.

❖     If you’ve all the data backup with you, then click on ‘Recover without backing up your files’ option.

❖     After this click finish once the recovery is done and the system will get back to its purchasing condition.

❖     Restart your laptop now and reinstall all the essential anti-virus and useful softwares or load all the backups if you have.

Factory Reset When Windows not Opening Correctly

To use this method of factory reset you need to click F11 key continuously while the laptop is getting started to get the Recovery Manager.

Once you get the recovery manager, the rest process is as same as above.

Factory Reset Using Recovery Discs

This factory method is used while the recovery partition is not working properly in both the above options and an error message is popping up while doing them.

All you need to do is just press ‘Escape’ key while the laptop is starting up to go to the boot menu. Once you enter the boot menu, select the ‘Recovery from Disc’ option and the rest will be again same as the above processes.

Creating A Data Backup

If you’ve forgotten to create a backup before starting the factory reset process, you can do it here also. Below are the steps for creating backup while in process.

❖     Select ‘Backup files first’ option while the recovery manager shows up this message.

❖     Select the types of file you wish to be backed up like audio, video, documents and more.

❖     The Laptop will automatically scan the whole data and will back up all the desired files.

❖     Connect a USB or CD/DVD to get all these file and click ‘Next’ to resume the process, that’s all!

I guess now you all can factory reset your HP laptop and if any problem still persists, then it’s better to call HP support immediately.

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