How To Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy Core

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Samsung Galaxy core is a new smartphone released by Samsung recently with android OS. With its dual sim facility and stylish design, it attracted many and got positive recommendations/reviews from people all over the world. Though there are several methods available to reset Galaxy core, three methods are quite popular and commonly used.

How to factory reset Samsung Galaxy Core

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How To Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Core :

If you need to hard reset your Galaxy core to its default condition, then this is a simplest way. Switch off your phone and press home button, volume up button and power button simultaneously until your phone vibrates. Select “Wipe data/ Factory Reset option” without touching the screen. You can use power button to select and volume buttons to confirm your action. After selecting “Yes” when prompted keep the mobile idle for some time. It will automatically go into format mode and asks you to reboot or not. Select reboot and your phone will on with its default settings after the booting is over.

You can even reset your Galaxy Core to its default settings via the soft reset also. Go to apps and select settings by tapping it once. In the Settings, select “Reset and Back-up” and then select “Factory Data Reset”. Select Reset Device and your mobile will prompt you that all the data will have to be erased if you continue this process. Select “Erase” and prompt “Yes” when asked. The reboot process will start and your mobile will swift off and on after some time with its default factory settings. You have to keep your phone idle while the reset process is going on. This process is also similar to hard reset and all the apps you installed, your mobile back up files, the adjustment settings and all the data (music, videos, documents, contacts etc.) will be removed. The only data that is available after the rebooting process is the data present in the micro SD card of your phone.

You can even reset your phone with the help of your system/computer/laptop also. This process is similar to rooting mobile. Enable USB debugging option in your mobile first. This can be found in Settings ->Applications -> Development. Download and install java SDK and android SDK to your system. Set correct path to enable java. After properly installing SDK’s; open SDK manager and select and install the recent API’s available and also android 4.1.2. You will notice a small arrow on the left hand side of API Menu. Click on it and different options will open. If you can see your device OS then select it and install it to your phone. If you can’t find this you have to manually fetch the url from Samsung site and enter it in the sdk manager and then try to install it. This process is similar to replacing your old system OS with the new OS available. One must do this process under expert’s guidance and/or after consultation of mobile experts. Though this process seems to be complex, it is the best way to do reset of your phone if you have some knowledge and experience in android.

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