How To Factory Reset Sony Xperia J

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September 16, 2013 Mobile Phones No comments

Sony Xperia J is an awesome smart phone released by Sony with distinctive features like Soy Bravia mobile Engine, 4 inch LCD screen with gorilla glass protection, cortex A-5 processor etc. It uses 1 GHZ processor and 512 MB RAM so you won’t feel any discomfort even when you run multiple apps simultaneously. If your phone lags heavily and freezes frequently, then you must uninstall the app you installed recently; if the problem still exists delete the unwanted temporary files and clear cache and most of the times these options will solve the problem. If the problem still continues you have to reset your phone. There are three popular ways to reset your phone to its default settings.

Hard Reset Sony Xperia J

How To Factory Reset Sony Xperia J

First and easiest of them is soft reset. Close all applications that are running on your phone. Go to menu and find “Settings”. In Settings, find and tap on “Backup and Reset”. Then select “Factory Data Reset” and subsequently tap on “Reset Phone”. The phone will prompt about data removal and tap on “Yes” and then on “Erase Everything”. This will initiate the resetting process and the mobile will reboot to its default settings after some time.

The second method is hard reset. Switch off your phone and press Power button and Volume up button for several seconds. The phone will vibrate and a menu will appear. You have to use volume up-down buttons to change your selection and power button to confirm your selection. In the menu, select “Restore Factory Settings” and when the mobile prompts to confirm your action select “Yes”. This will initiate the resetting process and you have to wait for several minutes to complete it.

The third method is resetting of your phone via flash tool options. For this method you require a PC or laptop and unlike the previous process you will delete the OS present on your mobile and install new OS to your mobile. Install the flash tool software on your system and connect your Sony Xperia J to that system via USB. The flash tool software can be directly downloaded from Sony website. Make sure your device is in off condition while you connect it to PC. Press Volume Down button continuously for 10 seconds and you will notice your device in the flash tool software. Select your device and click on reboot which is present in the software header. The software will ask to confirm your action and after confirming the same you will see that the resetting process is started and a progressive bar showing the status of resetting. After the resetting process is over, the phone will restart with its default settings.

Whatever the resetting process may be, you must take back-up of all the required files that are present in your mobile like contacts, images, documents, notes etc. Before the resetting process, make sure that the battery is fully charged as the resetting process drains battery heavily. You have to keep the phone after the initialization of resetting process. Don’t panic even if your phone shuts down and it is normal in the resetting process.

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