How To Factory Reset Sony Xperia M

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September 11, 2013 Tips 1 Comment

Sony Xperia M is a new android smart phone released with jellybean (android v4.1) OS. Advanced features like 5 MP camera, 4” inch high quality display, scratch resistant design etc. made this phone an attractive choice in the mid range mobile phone segment. With positive talk from all the customers and users, the sale of this phone is growing at a steady pace. Tough there are several ways to reset this phone to its default settings, most popular of them are only two. One is soft reset and the other one is via rooting. The first method is quite easy and anyone without any technological knowledge can also do it, where as the second method is for technology geeks and experienced android developers.

How To Hard Reset Sony Xperia M


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How To Hard Reset Sony Xperia M :

The first method is soft reset method. Press home button and go to settings and then find and tap “Back-up and Reset”. Then find and tap “Factory Reset”. Then the phone will prompt you that this process will erase all the data in the mobile and asks you weather you want to continue or not. Then select “Yes” and select “Reset Phone”. This will initiate the reset process and the mobile will reboot and on after some time. Don’t panic when your mobile automatically on and off while the rebooting process is continuing.  As the resetting process deletes all the data present in your phone, it is always a better choice to do backup and save it in a location other than mobile phone.

The second process is rooting method in which you will connect your phone to system/computer/laptop and reinstall the whole software into your phone. Enable your phone to connect to PC via USB. For this go to Settings ->Applications -> Development and enable USB debugging. Download and install java and android SDK’s into your system and set the path correctly. After setting path, download android API’s via SDK manager which will be in android SDK folder. Under 4.1 API you will find the Sony Add-on in which will have to select and enable your phone. If your phone model is not present under API menu you have to forcibly fetch the url from the Sony site and add it under API menu. Now connect your smart phone to your computer via USB. Navigate it though android SDK manager and select it. Install the android v4.1 OS along with compatible user interface. This will install the new OS to your phone removing the previous OS and the data associated with it. This resetting process is quite complex and one wrong step will end up with phone that requires repair under experts guidance to work back normally.

Finally, Sony Xperia M is a nice phone and you won’t require resetting normally. As frequent resetting will affect the life of phones; it is better not to initiate resetting process for silly and small reasons. One must remember to take back up to micro SD card or to another place other than phone memory irrespective of the resetting process as any resetting will delete all the data present in the phone.

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