GTA 5 Release Date For PC

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GTA 5 release date for PC

As we all know that GTA 5 is already available for PS 3 and Xbox 360, but a large pool of the game lovers want GTA 5 for PC. Although, Rockstars (the creator of GTA 5) have not given any official release date of GTA 5 yet but multiple leaks suggests that GTA 5 is coming soon for PC too. A player found out the release date proof of GTA 5 for PC and PS 4 in the source code of game files for Xbox 360. The code reveals that a PC version of the game has been designed too, so it will be released for sure.

But when? this is the question everyone is asking. We hope they release it pretty soon, although they have a history of launching the GTA game for PC 4-5 months later after console version release. So, if we go with that, GTA 5 for PC will be available in 2014 only. But Rockstar may consider launching it on Christmas this year, because that is the high time to drive sales. We’ll keep you updated on every latest news on GTA 5’s PC launch. Stay tuned!

GTA 5 release date for consoles

GTA 4 which was released in 2008 became a huge success like its previous versions. GTA 5 is the upcoming game in the GTA series developed by Rock Star Games. GTA 5 is a highly anticipated game and gaming lovers are eagerly waiting for its release. Releasing on September 17 of this year (2013) this game will surely break several previous records.

Preorder bookings are already open and several sites are offering this game at affordable price. GTA has fans from all over the world as this game is equally popular in all the countries. Not only the gaming lovers, people having some knowledge in games may know the game and at least once they might have played it.

GTA 5 HD Wallpaper For Desktop

GTA5 is played in third person prospective and the player can switch between different characters like Michael, Trevor and Franklin etc. Unlike other games where the player is capable to do one or two things; in GTA 5 the player can use hand attacks, fire arms, heavy weapons, vehicles and he can walk, run, jump, travel and even swim. Because of the diversified nature of the game any one can easily connect with this game and identify the character of the game with himself.

The game which is set to release on 17th September is only limited to Xbox and play-stations. So gaming lovers without gaming consoles will not be available to enjoy the game yet. Rock Star claims that GTA5 is developed with much care and the gamers will get new experience than its predecessor GTA 4. Advanced graphics, greater details, gripping story, different characterizations, increased world etc. will surely spell bound gamers. The company is confident about their innovative lighting techniques which are used in GTA5 to give live camera experience.

Features like switching between characters, extending game play to country side, customizing character’s appearance, online playing mode (in which up to 16 players can join) and cooperatively play the game etc. are additional attractions in GTA 5. Another interesting feature Rock Star Games introduced in GTA5 is organizing Crews. Crew here refers to a group of competitive players. You can request or challenge your friends who are in the Rock Star online community playing other games like Max Payne 3 to play this.

Rock Star Games admitted its plans to continue to GTA series on 24th October 2011 after the release of GTA4 in 2008. The company officially declared it on its site and made it public by posting in several social networking sites. The company share price increased by considerable margin after this announcement which shows the expectations among gamers and corporates about this game. The company launched first trailer of GTA5 on 2nd November 2011 which is followed by a press release about the story and game settings. Almost a year later, famous magazine Game Informer wrote a cover story about GTA5 which is followed another teaser with three characters. Throughout the year 2013, Rock Star Games released several trailers and press releases and promoted the game at several events. On 29th August 2013 Rock star Games released its final trailer about GTA5 which confirmed the release of GTA5 on 17th September 2013.

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