Hacking Your Way Through WordBubble

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If you are a fan of puzzle games, then you must have heard about WordBubbles by now. It is one of the most popular puzzle games on the Google Play Store owing to the many facilities that come with it. With this WordBubble game, one will have endless fun trying to figure out which words fit where and why. It has proven to be very addictive as it has virtually endless levels which will engage the avid player for hours on end. You may find the answers to some of the puzzles may surprise you, but that is part of the fun.

Your Task in the Game

If you have not dealt with the bubble words in this game, then you need to know that each stage of the game requires you as the player to connect the alphabetical letters in the correct order. WordBubbles does not care about the direction of the words as they can be formed vertically, horizontally, diagonally and in any other direction one can think of. To do so, one is required to swipe right, left, up or down to form the required word. If they are correct, the game will indicate to them that the order of the letters is correct.

Going Higher and Tougher

Like all other games of this kind, WordBubble will enable the player only to progress to the next stage upon completing the words available in a given stage. When one has completed the bubble words for each stage, they will then advance to a higher and more complex stage where they solve more puzzles before advancing. When just starting out, one will be subjected to a few simple words which will be easy to fish out from the crowd. However, higher stages get tougher than most people can manage.

Free For All

Unlike similar games on the Google Play Store, WordBubbles comes as a free game that anyone with an Android phone can enjoy. Even better is the fact that it does not require much in terms of the system requirements. With a phone running Android version 4 and above, one will be ready to enjoy endless hours of WordBubble puzzles without a worry. The low system requirements mean that anyone who bought their Android device about three years ago is in a good position to enjoy this game.

Almost EndLess

When just starting out, it is easy to identify the bubble words needed to advance to the next stage. However, WordBubbles presents tougher words as the individual goes higher. With 400 levels and more coming with every update, be sure that this game will guarantee fun for hours on end. With the levels getting more complex as one goes higher, reaching the 400th level is a task many have set out to accomplish yet few have done so. Most people will find it difficult going past the first ten stages let alone reaching level 400.

Added Benefits

With each completed stage in WordBubble, one gets to enjoy various bonuses which they can use in other areas of the game. The bonuses allow the player to move through the stages at a faster rate compared to going the basic way. The bubble words make all the difference when it comes to having fun and building one’s vocabulary. With most players, the first few stages will be a breeze where they will gain bonuses and quickly jump through the stages. However, these bonuses should be used well given that the higher stages will really put a toll on the brain of the player.

The Ultimate All-In-One Game

This game combines various types of games into a single one to enjoy the benefits of having to play for long hours without the game having to feel monotonous and boring. In this game are combined aspects of a brainteaser, puzzle game, and a word game. With each stage upwards, one encounters the aspects of the three types of mind games in a more complex mix. Do not let the simplicity of this game fool you into thinking you can quickly jump through the stages. Well, you may do so for the first few stages, but from stage 3 onwards you may need help.


Made for the Team

Playing this game alone is an exciting endeavor which will take the player through long periods of searching for words and their meanings and their correct spellings. More often, one may need to ask for advice and general help from other people who have a better mastery of words. Also, one can invite their friends so that they can compete with them in the game. The rules of team playing are very simple; the one who gets the most words in the shortest time wins. It will be fun for everyone.

The Benefits

Playing this game has many benefits. First of all, it builds the player’s mastery of words. Each stage presents several new challenges which will make the player find ways of relating letters and forming words. Besides simply forming the words, one will learn about their true meanings in a short period of time. The other aspect that comes with playing this game is that it builds one’s thinking capacity. Having to connect letters going backwards is no easy task as it forces the player to think from a different point of view in order to find the words. Lastly, there is the fun!

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