How to hard reset an Android Phone

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September 2, 2013 Tips No comments

Phones with android operating system can be said as the most used smartphones in the world. These Android based handset provide users a unique experience of using multimedia handset. From play store, multiple types of applications can be installed depending on the use of an individual like Games, Music, 3D wallpaper, Videos etc. These applications can be free or chargeable in nature. The count of application in play store is also increasing day by day just because of increase in demand of multiple new options by masses. Reset is a method which use when mobile phone starts giving some problem while operating. Usually the application stops working and handset tend to get hang or stationed.

Hard Reset Android  Phone

Phone needs hard start when all the technique gets failed to bring back phone in his original state. The method can very well be used on android phones. In normal trend hard resetting required some codes and process to move which can easily be done by data savvy guys but normal people failed to do so. The process of hard restarting the handset is quite similar like re-installing an operating system in PC’s and laptops. The data available on SD card remains as it is, to remove the same there is a different process. With hard restart on android phone an users need to re-download the applications and settings along with following the below mention process;

First try to do factory data reset the mobile phone by going to settings under main menu

  • Select menu on home screen
  • Then in setting select privacy setting
  • Click on factory data reset
  • Reset the phone
  • May be phone ask for password then enter the same. Then select to erase everything.

If phone get hanged then try to switch off the handset and then move forward for hard resetting the handset with key combinations

  • If phone is in frozen state then shut the power off by taking battery out from the handset and then put it again.
  • Hold the down button of handset volume
  • Momentarily push and then release the power button.
  • A menu will appear on screen which will provide option for Fastbook, Recovery, Simlock and clear storage
  • Select the clear storage part by pressing the Volume key towards down.
  • Immediately press and free the power button
  • Volume up will act as YES and volume down as NO.

In many occasion the above mention tip work but if by chance it fail to do so then use the below mention options;

  • Switch off the power of the handset. Pull the battery out and then insert it again.
  • Instantly press the Volume button upside, home and main power button.
  • As soon as the symbol appears release the button.
  • A menu will show a boot option. Volume key will show up and down option to choose and home to select.

Wait till the process is complete, Once the wiping process is completed the handset will automatically reboot. The data available in the handset will be deleted automatically and then the phone will move to its actual newly factory fresh default setting.

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