How To Hard Reset Galaxy Grand Duos

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September 19, 2013 Mobile Phones No comments

World’s smart phone leader Samsung released its new budget smart phone galaxy grand with awesome specifications. Samsung designed it as performance beast and it can do all the works you assigned to it. Though you won’t need resetting of Samsung grand in its regular use, if you are giving your phone to others, forgot pin of your phone, heavy lag (rarest of the rare cases) etc. will compel you to do resetting of your phone. There are three ways (including flashing your phone) to reset your phone to factory default settings.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos

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Soft Reset Galaxy Grand

The first method is known as soft reset.

  • Close all the programs and apps that are running on your galaxy grand.
  • In the apps, find settings and tap on it once.
  • In the settings, tap on “Privacy “and select “Factory Data Reset”.
  • In the Factory Data Rest, tap on “Restore Factory Settings”.
  • Tap on “Yes” .Your phone will prompt that this process will delete all the data present on your phone and asks you about continuing the process.
  • Tap on “Yes” once again to confirm your action and this will initiate the resetting process.
  • After the resetting process is over the phone will restart with factory default settings.

Hard Reset Galaxy Grand

The second process is known as hard reset.

  • Close all the apps and switch off your phone.
  • Press the volume down button and power button of your galaxy grand for 10 seconds.
  • The phone will vibrate and you will see the android logo on your screen.
  • The logo will automatically get off and a menu will appear.
  • ·         From the options Recovery, Sim-lock, Clear Storage etc. select “Clear Storage”.
  • Select “Yes” and this will initiate the resetting process.
  • The phone will automatically restart after the resetting process with factory default settings.
  • In this process you have to use volume buttons for selecting and home/power button to confirm your action. You must not touch your mobile screen in this process.

Reset Galaxy Grand Via PC

The third process is known as flashing in which you connect your phone to PC via USB and replace the existing mobile OS with new OS. This must be done under expert’s guidance.

All the resetting process is equally good and gives the same output. The first two methods is quite easy and the third one is little complex when compared with the other two. Whatever the resetting process may be, there are some common things that have to be followed while resetting. Resetting process will erase all the data that is present on your phone. So remember to take back-up of all your important data that is present on your phone memory. You can move your important data to your micro SD card. Resetting process requires heavy battery and you must charge your battery to the fullest before the resetting itself. While the resetting process is going on your phone automatically restarts and remember not to touch your phone (including its buttons and touch screen) while the process is on.

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