How To Hard Reset Samsung Wave M GT-S7250D

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September 15, 2013 Mobile Phones 2 Comments

Samsung Wave M GT-S7250D is a smart phone released by Samsung targeting the mid range mobile segment. This phone operates on Bada 2.0 Operating System (Samsung’s indigenous Mobile OS). If your phone hangs frequently or lags heavily then the first thing that comes into mind is to reset your phone to the factory settings. There are two ways to reset your phone i.e. Samsung Wave M GT-S7250D to its default settings.  Just press the power button continuously for 8-10 seconds. Then the phone will vibrate and the phone will shut down and reboot automatically. If this process still does not solve your problem and the problems still exist then you have to go with resetting process.

How To Hard Reset Samsung Wave M GT-S7250D

Resetting any phone is considered as a drastic step. Resetting will erase all the data that is present on phone. You will lose all your contacts, music, videos, captured images, documents and even the data you downloaded. The only data that you can use after the resetting process is the data that is present in the SD micro card. Samsung Wave M GT-S7250D supports micro memory cards up to 32GB and it is a good idea to move all the important files to the SD card before the resetting process itself. You can even take back-up of your mobile phone data and save it to SD card so that you can reinstall it whenever you want.

hard reset Samsung Wave M GT-S7250D

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The process of resetting the Wave M GT-S7250D is very simple and anybody without any technical background can also do it easily. Close all the apps that are running on your phone. Go to “Menu” and select “Settings”. In the settings and select “General Settings”. Then select “Reset” and then tap on “Factory Reset”. You have to confirm your action by selecting “Yes” and the resetting process will start. You have to keep your phone idle while the process is going on and after the process is over the phone will restart automatically with its default settings.

Another method is also available to update as well as to reset your phone. Connect your phone to the computer via USB after downloading Samsung Wave M original firmware and installing it along with required drivers. Do port search and make sure the connection is good and well connected. When the program detects the phone select it and copy the downloaded boot files to the boot folder present in your phone. Then install the files in the order Amms.bin, apps_compressed.bin, Rsrc_S7250D_Open_Arabic_Common_OJP.rc1, Rsrc2_S7250D(Low).rc2, FactoryFs_S7250D_Open_Arabic_Common_OJP.ffs,,, bplib_S7250DOpArabicCommon.fota. This will update all your phone software and the phone will reboot with factory settings after the installation of files is over. Make sure that you charged your phone fully before starting this process.

It is important to select full download while downloading the required mobile files if you want to reset your phone. In the normal download only the software upgrades are downloaded and not the entire software. This will just upgrade the software of your phone and it is not considered as factory reset.

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