How to hard reset Sony Xperia C

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November 13, 2013 Mobile Phones 25 Comments

Sony Xperia C is one among the most wanted android mobile phone. It runs with the latest version of Jelly Bean operating system. It comes up with an 8mp primary camera and a 0.3mp secondary camera. The five inch touch screen makes the phone look more attractive. In this article we are going to see some easy steps for resetting the Sony Xperia C. Performing a hard reset in Sony Xperia C is way easier and there are many methods to achieve it. Many people prefer to hard reset their phone for various reasons, one among them is to make their phone work smoothly and to get rid of the stuck which they experience while operating their phone. The following are some of the basic methods to reset the phone without any trouble.

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hard reset sony xperia c

Reset Sony Xperia C

How to reset using the software menu

The phone battery must be full in charge before performing the reset. This is because hard resetting the phone can consume a lot amount of charge from the battery. Make sure to charge it up and then perform the following steps. Turn the phone off and charge it until it gets fully charged. Once the battery is fully charged, plug it out from the charger. Turn on your Sony Xperia C using the power button. Before performing the further tasks, make sure to backup all your personal and most wanted data to your computer using the data cable. Resetting the phone can delete all the saved data on the phone. Click on the menu button and then go to “Settings”. Now find “Backup & Reset” option and further go inside it. Click on the “Factory Data Reset” and verify the reset by pressing “Reset Phone”. Make sure to choose all the options so that all the data from the phone would get formatted while resetting the phone. It takes a few minutes to format the phone. Once the formatting gets finished, the phone gets restarted and your Sony Xperia C is now hard reset to the factory default settings.

How to hard reset using the Key buttons

This type of hard reset can be done in a less amount of time when compared to the above mentioned method. The volume keys and the power button should be working in good condition in order to perform a hard reset in your Sony Xperia C. Turn the phone off and put it on charge until it gets charged fully. Remove the phone from the charger and then backup all your personal data using data cable or a card reader. Now turn on your Sony Xperia C. Once the phone gets turned on completely, press both the power button and volume up button together. Press and hold it at the same time and make sure you hold it together for more than five seconds. A menu gets appeared if you have correctly pressed both the key buttons together. Follow the menu and click on “Reset Phone” option to reset your Sony Xperia C.

So, these are the two methods to reset Sony Xperia C. If you are facing any problem in doing it, let us know in the comments below. Do share this post on social media if you found it useful.

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