How To Hard Reset Sony Xperia Z Ultra

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September 9, 2013 Tips 1 Comment

Sony Xperia Z ultra is an excellent smart phone running on android OS. Unlike other manufacturers, Sony came up with an excellent option i.e. hard reset button in this smart phone. If your phone hangs up frequently and/or isn’t responding then you must read this article. Resetting a phone is a simple process that anyone without the technical knowledge also can easily do it.

How To Hard Reset Sony Xperia Z Ultra

Designed in Red color there is a small button in your Ultra’s SD card slot which is easy to find. Just press it for 8-10 seconds. Your mobile will shut down and automatically on after some time with its default settings. You can’t do this with your finger as the button is small and you have to use pencil/stylus instead. Don’t use any sharp object which may damage the button. You can even use this button to forcibly shutoff your phone.  Just hold this button for 2 seconds, whatever the condition your phone is in (like touch screen not working, not responding to your actions, hang or freeze state etc.). The phone will off and you have to press the same button again (until your phone vibrates) to start your phone normally (without reboot).

How To Hard Reset Sony Xperia Z Ultra

There is another way to reset your phone to it basic settings. In the apps, try to locate settings. In settings, find and tap “Back-Up and Reset”. Then tap the “Factory Data Reset” button; then a pop up note will open asking you weather you want to Reset your Phone or not. Select “Reset Phone” and then select “Erase Everything.” This will start a Hard Reset process. You have to keep your phone idle for some time. The phone will reboot to its default settings and all the data present in your phone including the apps you installed, settings of your phone, photos and music stored in your mobile memory etc. will be erased. However, you will retain the data present in your micro SD card.

This will enable your phone to perform better and with less lag time. You can re-install the apps whatever your need after the hard reset. The hard reset will solve most of the smart phones abnormal problems and gives you a fair chance to use the phone you love. Hard resetting the phone several number of times and for simple causes will affect the life your phone.

There is another way to reset your phone to its default settings. If you are facing any issues to find the small red button; don’t worry. Instead of this button you can use physical power button + volume up button. Just press both of them simultaneously and continuously for 10 seconds ( 5 seconds to restart your phone). This will hard reset your smart phone to its default settings after reboot.

If you are facing still lag or other problems with your phone after the reboot also, don’t reboot your device immediately. It is always a better option to try this in the presence and guidance of experienced mobile experts so that you won’t create any extra problem(s). Though these options are present in the phone, the Sony’s Z ultra is a power packed phone (with advanced features and with positive reviews from all over the world) and you won’t need them.

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