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February 4, 2014 Tips 1 Comment

February 4, 2004 was the day when a college student along with his 4 friends founded a social networking website for their batch mates and other students.

It has been 10 years since then and nobody knew that this little step will transform into an online country and the founders will become rich like hell. Yeah, you guess it right and I’m talking about ‘FACEBOOK’.

The site which becomes an essential part of more than 900 million users every month is celebrating its 10th born day in an epic style. We’re all the part of it, of course you need to have an FB account for that.

With the ride being unbelievable the CEO Mark Zuckerburg quoted ‘It’s been an incredible journey so far, and I’m grateful to be a part of it’. Well, so we are Mark!

On the 10th anniversary of the FB, the website has launched a campaign ‘Look Back’ for all its users. It’s a video which shows your coupling with FB since the time you’ve been a part of it.

download facebook look back video

The video is just more than a minute a showcase the following with the common trademark music of FB.

  • The best moments of yours on FB; starting from the time of your joining.
  • The most liked status, photos, and videos of yours.
  • Your most shared posts, links and moments.

To watch this video, you need to type the following address on the address bar.

But, before you that just make sure that you’ve logged into your FB account or else you’ll be asked to do the same in order to access your personal ‘Look Back’ video.

It is definitely a great approach to enamor its users by FB as it’s not so easy to make a video for over 900 million people. But, this is what FB is; just outstanding when it comes to suffice user ever since from the beginning.

However, you can’t download your personal look back video, but, can share it on your Timeline. To do it, follow the instructions below.

  • Log in to your FB account.
  • Type the address ‘’ on your home page or in a new tab.
  • Now, copy the address from the tab.
  • Return to your ‘HOME’ page and just paste the link on your wall and that’s all.

If this much work is too long for you then just go to your look back video by accessing ‘’ and in the upper right hand side you’ll get a share button, just click on that and FB will post the video on your Timeline.

This is seriously an awesome step by FB on the very much special day and I hope that it’ll continue its efforts like this to provide us even more entertainment and laughter moments with best memories. A very happy birthday to FB and sincere thanks to Mark Zuckerburg for making us the part of his awesome social invention.

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