How To Factory Reset LG G2

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September 13, 2013 Tips 8 Comments

Factory resetting is a crucial and important step. It removes all the data that is present in the mobile phone including the contacts, notes, documents, pictures and even the installed apps. In LG G2, factory reset can be done via three ways out of which two methods are quite simple and the other one is similar to rooting of the mobile. If you phone hangs or freezes, just remove the battery and keep it back and switch on the phone. If the problem of freezing still continues then only opt for reset. Frequent hard resetting of the phone affects the life of any phone and hence it should be done only in unavoidable circumstances.

How To Factory Reset LG G2

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How To Hard Reset LG G2

First method is soft reset LG G2

The first method is soft reset. Keep the phone in its normal condition and press home button.  Then go to the apps page and find “Settings”. Tap on settings and find “Privacy” and tap on it. In the privacy, find and tap on “Factory Data Reset”. Then your LG G2 will prompt you that if you continue this process all the data present in your phone will be erased. Then select “Yes” and tap on “Erase Everything”. This will initiate resetting process and you have to keep the phone idle for some time. Don’t power off the phone while the resetting process is continuing as it will result in unnecessary complications.

Second method is hard reset LG G2

The second method is hard reset. Turn off your phone and while holding down the volume down button press the power button. Whenever your phone vibrates and android image appears on the screen release two buttons. In this case you must not touch the screen of your phone and you have to use volume up-down buttons to change selection and power button to confirm your action. From the options Recovery, Clear Storage, Sim-lock and Fastbook select “Clear Storage”. This will delete all the data including the third party applications from your phone. Once the process is complete the phone will restart with factory settings.

Third process is rooting your phone

The third process is rooting your phone and installing new OS by connecting it to PC. Enable USB debugging by going through the path Settings ->Applications -> Development. Install android and java SDK’s to your system (both are free) and install the Google’s android APIs via android SDK manager. If you find LG add-on in the recent API then select and install it otherwise fetch the url from LG site and install the add on via SDK manager. Connect your mobile phone to the computer via USB and navigate it through the SDK manager. Select your LG G2 and install the latest API along with compatible user interface. This will remove the OS that is present on your phone and installs new OS. This process also deletes all the data present in your phone.

LG G2 is an awesome smart phone which released recently with awesome features. With advanced features like 13 megapixel camera, beautiful user interface, unique design, moderate price LG G2 can be termed as beast in terms of performance. Though you know how to reset your LG G2; you won’t need it when you use your phone up to mark.

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