How To Hard Reset Sony Xperia Tipo

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September 25, 2013 Mobile Phones 3 Comments

Sony Xperia Tipo is a budget smart phone released by Sony targeting the low end mobile segment. Coming in Android v4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) OS, it is equipped with 800 MHz Scorpion Processor, 3.2 MP Primary Camera and it posses 3.2-inch TFT Capacitive touch screen which provides 320 x 480 pixels (HVGA) resolution.  With inbuilt xLOUD Audio Filter Technology, you can enjoy clear and high quality music and the integrated social network apps will always help you in get in touch with your friends. It is an excellent phone and if you use it nicely you won’t need any resetting process in your life time. But if you are giving this phone for others or if you forget password of your phone then the process of resetting can become handy. There are three ways to reset your Sony Xperia Tipo i.e. Soft Reset, Hard Reset and Flashing.

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How To Soft Reset Sony Xperia Tipo

Soft Reset is very easy and simplest procedure of all three. Close all your applications and keep the phone in its normal condition.  Go to the apps page and find “Settings”. Tap on settings and in settings, find and tap on “Factory Data Reset”. Then your Xperia Tipo will warn you that if you continue this process all the data present in your phone will be erased. If you want to continue, select “Yes” and tap on “Erase Everything”. This will start the resetting process, and after the resetting process is over, the phone will restart with factory settings.

How To Hard Reset Sony Xperia Tipo

The second method is known as Hard Reset. Close all applications and switch off your mobile. Press the volume down and power button simultaneously for 10 seconds. An android logo will appear and disappear automatically and the phone will show the recovery menu. By using volume key go to option “Clear Storage” and confirm it by using power button from the menu having options like Recovery, Sim-lock, Clear Storage etc. This will start the resetting process and after the process is over the phone will restart will factory settings.

Flashing The Phone

The third process is flashing the phone. Flashing (in the mobile terminology) is a process of removing entire OS that is present on your phone and installing new OS with new updates. This process requires some knowledge on mobiles and must be done under expert’s guidance only. In this process, connect the phone to PC via USB. From the softwares installed on the computer (like PC suite), flash your phone and after the process is over the phone will restart with factory default settings.

In any resetting process, you will lose all the data that is present on your phone and it is better to save the data before the starting of resetting process itself. Resetting is a complex process and it drains your battery heavily. So it is better to charge the battery to the fullest before the start of resetting process itself. After the initialization of resetting process, you have to keep your phone idle (not to touch its screen and buttons) till the process completes.

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