How to take screenshot tutorial for android phones

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Android devices are there in all sizes. Every version of Android OS is named after a dessert, and Jelly Bean is the most recent version of Android. There is no other software like Android among all. Android is an operating system which is based on LINUX which is primarily designed for touch screen phones. Android phones are based on the open source platform of Android. There were approximately 700000 apps available for android in October 2012. For develops, android is the most popular platform. Till May 2013, 900 million Android devices are activated. Total 48 billion apps have been installed from Google play. Lots of screenshots are taken by the app developers to document their apps. Gamers also take screenshots of their gaming sessions. Android is fun. In android phones, if you want to root your phone you need custom ROMS.

how to take android screenshot

It seems tricky and bit confusing to take screenshots on your Android phone but it is not a complex task. In fact, it can do it easily with a straight-forward and a simple procedure. One can learn how to take a screen shot on an Android phone in the simplest way possible. Just follow the simple instructions to capture screenshots anytime and anywhere without any effort. It is easiest to do so in the android phone.

Here are some of the different ways to take a screenshot on Android phone.

If your android phone is running on Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) or above

If you are having a shiny android phone with android operating system Ice Cream or above, Screenshots are inbuilt in your android phone. Just press the Power buttons and “Volume Down” buttons at the same time. Hold both the keys together for a second, and then the screenshot will be taken by your android phone. After android phone took the screen shot, it will show up in your phone gallery. After that you can share it with anyone you want to.

If Your android phone is Running on Android 2.3 or Below

Android 2.3 and below doesn’t have screenshot built-in facility. Some devices have these features but it varies from android mobile to mobile.  If your android phone is not having shortcut built-in, there is an app No Root Screenshot It.  Just install it in your android phone and install its free companion app on your computer, which enables screen shots. You can download it from here You just need to plug your phone back into your computer each and every time you reboot it, but you will be able to take screenshots from your phone which is awesome.

If Your phone is Rooted and Running Android 2.3 or Below

If you have rooted your phone, you have some options. Know how to root your phone from here . You can install the app Screenshot UX, there are lot of shortcuts by which you can take screenshots. You can download it here

You can also flash a custom Room that has built-in screenshot like CyanogenMod. You can download it from

There are many more methods available in the world of internet for the screenshot on your android phone but these steps are the easiest of them all.

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