Impact Of Computers On Our Lives: Positive And Negative

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We are presently living in 21st generation where our daily routine is highly mingled with “Computers”. Computer is typically defined as a machine which takes our instructions and does things according to those instructions. Computer developed from the project of “Advanced Computing Machine” started by Charles Babbage is doing much more now a days. We must change the traditional definition of computer as computers are able to do any task assigned to them. The computer revolution changed our lifestyle completely and influenced heavily the way we do our routine things. Our dependence on computers in daily life is increasing gradually and after some time we may reach the point where our life will not go forward without computers.

Importance of computers

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In the olden days, we have news paper to read news, we have movie theaters or T.V.’s to watch movies, walk-man or music players to listen to music, recording studios to compose music and so on, but now all these things can be done with computer and with much ease. Not only the things we did in the past, we are blessed to do things that are impossible in past. Now we are able to connect via internet, share information in seconds, write programs and much more with the help of computers.

Starting from reading paper to ordering dinner, all the things can be done on computer. In the present generation only two things are important, computer and mobile.  Without any one of them our life won’t go further and our daily activities get severely affected. Starting from educational institutes to movie theaters, we can see the usage of computers everywhere. Even educational institutes are stressing the need of computers and educating their students about computers.

Computers are also getting upgraded day by day. Every week at least two to three hardware companies are releasing their upgraded parts which play a significant role in the performance of computer. It became a compulsory need for us to upgrade our computers from time to time to be in the business. Computers can save valuable time of and it is always a better choice to update your computer regularly (both hardware and software) to avoid unwanted risks.

Computers are playing a significant role in several industries also. You can see the usage of computers in railways, IT and software industry, business consultancies, super markets, retail malls, electricity, telephone, railway departments, share markets etc. Almost all the industries whether they belong to government sector or private sector are using computers in all or some of their activities. Thus every sector of industry and every part of the world is using computers to get their work done quickly and effectively. The important aspect of computer is it will complete any task without any errors.

The increased need of computers is forcing manufactures to develop more sophisticated and more effective models. From computers our journey continued to laptops, notebooks and ultra books and presently we are using tablets. In the near future we may see more advanced technology with awesome features to modify our life to a higher level.

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