Impact Of Internet On Society: Positive And Negative

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Internet availability is not limited to computers or laptops now a days. Even mobile phones with internet facility are available at affordable process helping indirectly the internet to reach maximum number of users. In the recent years everything is related or trying to relate to internet. A simple case study shows how fast internet had grown. Television took more than 25 years to reach 10 million users where as computers took more than 10 years to reach the same number. But internet took less than 5 years to reach the same number. Recent studies show that even in the developing countries like India more than 40% of people are using internet and the purposes of internet usage is diverse. People are using internet for social networking, to know news instantly, to listen to music, to search or know something etc.

impact of internet on society

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Positive impact of internet on society

There are several advantages with the use of internet. The uses of internet includes but not limited to usage of search engines which will help you to collect data from all over the world, usage of email and other instant message services which are giving flexibility of sharing information among groups within seconds, usage of internet in shopping via online shopping carts helped both clients and customers. Internet has become a platform to share knowledge between different communities. Several universities are publishing their research papers in their websites/digital libraries and helping other university students, researchers and professors scholar activities.

Negative impact of internet on society

While coming to the negative aspects of the internet, there is so much illegal and inappropriate information available on internet without any restrictions. Even children can get access to mature and blood related games, pornography and other stuff which is not suitable for their age. Internet is becoming a platform to share copyrighted or illegal material, music, videos and other documents. Computer viruses, phishing, Trojans etc. are increasing rapidly creating several crimes. Financial crimes are also growing at a steady pace which requires attention amongst all internet users. The freedom of use to internet at anytime and by anyone is luring the criminals to do heinous crimes via internet. Another aspect of internet is people can spend unlimited amount of time without any bore or hard feeling. Recent trends shows that the publicizing the personal life and information in social network websites is increasing and the tendency of considering the virtual online world as real world is increasing very rapidly. Recent medical studies show that addiction of internet is causing personal, professional as well as social problems.

The laws of internet are different from one country to other country and the cyber crime departments are most neglected parts of the cop services. Taking this into consideration the cyber crime rate is increasing at dangerous pace which requires an intermediate attention by international law community.


Internet is like a double edged sword which can be used for both positive and negative purposes. We can’t imagine our world now a days without mobiles and internet. They mingled with our daily life very much and they are inseparable from us. Use internet in the positive way and it will become the best mentor.

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