Impact Of Mobile Phones On Our Lives

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Mobile phones became a compulsory need for everyone. Starting from school going children to people in the age of 90’s are using mobile phones now a days. Every week 2-3 mobile brands are releasing their new phones with advanced features. Even the electronic and software giants like Sony, Samsung and Google had entered into the mobile business which shows the increased market for mobile phones all over the world. Even your clothing and handbags will also have a special storage place for your phone; this itself shows that how much importance this small thing has in our daily life. It is an undeniable fact that the mobile technology is making our lives better day by day.

Impact Of Mobile Phones On Our Lives


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In the earlier days mobile phones were bulky in size and used just for calling purposes. But now a day’s mobile phones are coming with music player, camera, internet and GPS facilities etc. to make our lives better. Now, mobile phones are available which will capture better images and videos than professional cameras. Mobile phones have also become a gaming gadget these days. With high end graphic features mobile phones of present generation are equally good with computers when compared with the performance regarding games.

The sizes of the mobile phones also reduced considerably in the recent years making them easy to carry. Now tablets with integrated mobile phone features are also available in the international markets which are better alternatives than mobile phones and computers. People are very much interested in mobile technology and this increased the number of blogs and websites which update reviews, gossips and other mobile technology related stuff regularly.

Now with the help of latest mobile technology you can read e-books without carrying any physical books, you can watch videos/movies without carrying any system/laptop and you can even book your traveling or movie tickets. Starting from remote places in the world to the peaks of mountains you can use mobile at any place you want. You can locate yourself even in the remote areas with the help of GPS and you can find routes to your destination without asking anybody. The translator facilities in mobiles are helping us to communicate with the people whose language is unknown to us.

In the developed countries like USA and UK 90-95% of adults will have a phone. A recent survey conducted in USA revealed strange and interesting facts about mobile phones. 67% of mobile users frequently check their phone even it doesn’t ring or vibrate, 44% of people keep their phone next to them while sleeping also so that they won’t miss any updates, messages and calls etc and 29% of mobile users described phone as an integral thing of their body and they can’t live without it. In the same survey most people admitted that the best thing about the mobile phone is its convenience and it makes us available to others all the time.

Finally, the positive thing about the mobile technology is it is not yet fully unfolded and in the near future we will see more features and advancements in mobile technology which makes our life much better.

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