The Impact Of Technology On Our Lives

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positives of technology


In the recent world, technology is developing at a very fast pace and people from different fields of the world are making many additions to it. It is impossible to ignore the impact of technology on our daily lives, and nowadays we discuss its classification is into two main query types which are how technology has changed our lives and is technology good or bad? A lot of research is going on by many researchers for many non-profit organizations, education institutes, and businesses. With each invention, our lives are getting more and more busy and social. Technology can have the definition as the implementation of scientific knowledge in solving our daily life problems which we experience in today’s world. The technological advancements are playing very important role in our lives, and we are getting addicted to them.

Everything has its pros and cons; similarly, there are both the positive and negative effects of technology. Only it depends on the way we use the things. We need to understand that how technology developed in past few decades and how it brought benefits for us and how it made our lives harder. Without any doubt, technology has left its marks in every field, including business, culture, economy, education and our lifestyles. We should be aware of the fact that how its effects on society were destructive or how they were advantageous.

negative effects of technology


If we look around, our surroundings are full of the technology even where it is hard to notice its existence. Most of the time we ignore the level of its importance and take it for granted. It has changed our lifestyles and largely enhanced our living criteria. Although in the present, people are facing a lot of problems related to the economy, inflations, unemployment, poverty, illiteracy, etc. but they are living in much better situations with comfortable communications and get themselves fed with a high flow of information. It has become difficult to figure out that is technology good or bad for us due to such remarkable benefits, which we are enjoying nowadays due to development in technology. None of the fields remain untouched. Technology has brought revolution in all the basic aspects of our lives like communication, health, religion, language, entertainment, earning, eating habits, etc.Technology produced positive effects in many ways in our lives.

1. Social interactions

Technology is enabling us to make communication with our relatives and loved ones and to strengthen our relations with our friends, workmates, etc. Social media is helping us a lot in this regard

2. Education

Technology has done miracles in bringing much ease and comfort for students all around the world. They can study online while remaining at their home in any part of the world. They can learn any course and get a degree of the desired university online.

3. Health

Better health facilities are being provided now to patients and research done by doctors has laid the foundations for biological control diseases. By sitting at our home, we can get medical treatment by consulting the doctor just by a video call.

negative effects of technology


Whenever we talk about how the technology has changed our lives, we come across many good and bad things which have given to us by it. Along with many advantages, it provided us in every field, a lot of negative effects of technology are also there in many aspects. The problem is not actually with the presence of technological advancements, but the way in which we dealt them with, had caused an immense effect on our behaviors. Creative Destructions result when it comes to the wrong usage of technology. Here are few negative effects of technology given below which make us think that is technology good or bad:

1. Depletion of natural resources

Advancements in numerous fields have come to us in exchange for great damage to the environment. The technology uses the natural resources as fuel to earn billions of resources in really small time. It led to depletion of natural resources at a faster level.

2. Pollution

Many products made by industry nowadays have filled the air, water and soil with many toxic chemicals. Insecticides, gasses emitted in the air, oil leakages in water, garbage from industry, etc. are the main reasons for producing the negative effects of technology. We are living in the world where the air we inhale is not even pure, and there is a high risk of impurities in the water we drink.

3. Wars

Along with the growing rate of pollution, advancements in weaponry and ammunition led to increased risk of wars which can cause a huge loss of humanity on the planet.

4. Health problems

With the increased rate of pollution, many diseases are evolving every day. To win the fight against the breakout of diseases, we need to deal with pollution which itself is a destructive product of the modern technology.

negative effects of technology


A lot of changes have occurred in our lives due to technology. Most of the changes have produced many beneficial effects in our lives, making it rapid and easy to perform various jobs. In many ways, it brought many effects which can save us from undergoing the long and hectic procedures. Like take an example of the computer, before its invention it was too difficult to solve out many numerical problems, and there were risks of errors too. But with the advent of the modern era, doing the long calculations and driving the faster results is not a big problem now. There are many examples around us which can make us understand that how technology has changed our lives. Another way of realizing is by taking an example of good communication services which we have got in few years due to excellent development of network and wireless communication. Now you can remain in contact with anyone anywhere in the world by using the benefits of these products of human effort done in technology. Along with the positive impacts, there are negative effects of technology too. It has given us the chance to make changes in our lives in either way. So it totally depends on us to decide that is technology good or bad for us by considering that how we implement it in our lives and how much allow it to cause an impact on our lives.

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