Importance Of Communication In Business

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We are living in the globalized world where the entire world became a small sphere and everybody is able to do business in any part of the world. Now a day’s business communication is playing a crucial role and development of any business is proportional to the way the one communicate with others. Starting from hotels to hardware business, all the industries are stressing the need of communication for their employees. Communication can be classified as verbal and non-verbal. For the effective communication the sender and receiver must exchange the feedback and the sender (speaker in case of verbal communication) modify himself according to the needs of receiver.

Importance of communication in business

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Ineffective communication adversely affects the business irrespective of the industry or the sector to which it belongs. An excellent communication between teacher and student will help in growing schools reputation, a better HR communicates well with his counterparts and enables high productivity to his company, a consultant equipped with better communication skills will attract better projects to his company, a market analyst with better communication can help his clients/customers easily and can easily clarify their doubts etc. are some instances to show the need of communication.

Communication in any organization/business is in three ways i.e. top-down, down-up and side-ways. In the top-down approach, communication is majorly in the form of orders (ex: CEO insisting manager to do something). In the down-top approach, communication is in the form suggestions (ex: workers asking manager for bonus). In the sideways approach, communication is between the persons of same level (ex: HR manager recommending loan for an employee to the finance manger). All these flows have to be run smoothly; if any obstruction occurs at any one place that will affect the performance of whole organization. Unlike olden days, companies understood the role of communication in their business and conducting periodic communication sessions for their employers. Surveys proved that companies organizing periodic sessions on communication are progressing better when compared with their counter parts.

Companies are also stressing the need of understanding their goals, future events/projects and other policies by each and every employee of the company. This can be only done through effective communication. Effective communicator not only work for organization but also motivate others and improves their performance. Communication is always a better source for sharing information in a productive way. A perfect and effective solution for any issue will come only through better communication. Communication in businesses/companies include but not limited to voice or video communication between employees, emails, reports, presentations, pdfs, face to face meetings, letters, files, suggestion boxes etc.

It is a proved fact that efficient and effective communication helps in exponential growth of any organization. Communication will also help in building relations beyond the organization. At the time of job or professional interviews also employers are checking the communication skills of the aspirant. Better communication will help in knowing fellow beings strengths and weaknesses and will help in dealing that particular person correctly and this aspect plays a crucial role in organization success.  There is a famous saying in English “effective communication is a building block of successful organizations”. Finally better the communication skills, better the future of your organization and even better future for yourself.

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