Importance Of Computers

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Now we are living in the world where almost everybody knows the word computer and more than 60% of people know how to use it. We can find computers/laptops in households, shops, ticketing counters, educational institutions, business consultants and even in MNC’s. In the olden days computer was defined as a machine which takes our instructions and performs computations or calculations accordingly. But today it is much more than that. Developed from the concept of advanced calculator; now a day’s computers are part of every industry and without it the whole world will freeze. Computers and mobiles are the only two things that are very important in our present generation. The 21st century witnessed the computer and information revolution; enabling people to communicate instantly and helped them in doing all the things with the help of computer.

Importance of computers

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Computer technology or its usage is not confined to any one particular industry and its usage is in almost all the sectors/industries. Computer education became a part of education system all over the world and people having computer knowledge are getting employment and jobs faster than the people without having it. Computers are getting outdated time to time and it is always a better option to equip your computer with better processors and better RAM so that you won’t get behind in the race of computers. Also protect your computers from virus and equip them with better softwares so that it will do any work you assign to it.

Computers can save valuable time of employees in the office and help industries by making their employees productive and efficient in any office or business. Computers in schools will help the students to understand the basic concepts better with the help of audio and video examples. Computers in universities will help the researchers and professors to do their calculations quickly and in a better and efficient way and also help them to share the same with their counterparts. Computers became an integrated part in several sectors; banking, railways, shopping carts, electricity, telephone departments etc are few in them. Even in the agricultural industry also we are using the technology developed with the help of computers. Medical industry also had improved a lot with the help of computers. Computers are helping doctors in diagnosing the diseases efficiently and quickly. All the administrative systems (whether it may be public or private) are using computers and this practice can be seen in every part of the world.

Now a day’s everything related to our daily life can be done through computers. You can read newspaper online within the computer, you can order your breakfast, you can work from home with the help of computer, you can listen to music through your computer and you can watch videos and movies, you can play games and you can read novels and other books through e-books, you can contact people and talk to them with the help of computer etc. These are only few things which can be done with the help of computers. In the near future we can see the portable super computers which are much more advanced than the present computers.

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