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Names such as the brick that built the universe, the god particles as well as the Angel of Creation have been used to refer to Higgs boson. Higgs boson is also considered to be the only particle that has not been discovered. Even though its existence is assumed to be there, the actual place where it is found cannot be proven.

As compared to other particles, the Bosons are considered to be particles that have no matter, and one of the many know bosons is Higgs boson. Therefore, other particles are interceded by Higgs boson in the field of Higgs. Higgs mechanism is then considered to be the interaction of Higgs boson and the other particles that are found in the field of Higgs. This mechanism can be used to explain a number of observable facts that take place in the universe. One of these observable facts can include how particle can gain mass.

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But even though the lack of understanding about all the fuss of Higgs Boson exists, it does not mean that we cannot gain from it. However, if you can find some ways of manipulating Higgs field, you can come up with discoveries as well as applications of the Higgs boson and Higgs field that are unbelievable.

higgs boson importance

Why is Higgs boson important?

Even though there are a number of reasons that explains the importance of Higgs boson, but the key reason that stands out to be the most important is the confirmation of the Standard Model of Physics. Even though the Standard Model has not been proved, the scientists have always been assuming the existence of Higgs boson because of the establishment of the Standard Model of Physics. The Standard Model has been used to give details on electromagnetism, weak forces, and strong forces as well as how electromagnetism and weak forces can merge to come up with electroweak forces. A lot of facts that you learnt in physics could not be proven if there was no existence of Higgs boson. So you are in the right direction to understand the universe as wells get to know how everything interact with the gravity. This is because everything in the universe is given by the sub atomic particle of the Higgs boson.

In addition, an additional reason that has made Higgs boson to be of great importance is that it has given room for other particles to be discovered. The momentum of supporting scientific project has been increasing and as a result many scientific projects have benefited from it. To some extent, the discovery of Higgs boson has been a key factor to the advancement of technology that goes beyond the imaginary physics’ world. Many more students have been inspired to be interested in careers that are related to physics because of the excitement of these discoveries.

Even though the significance of Higgs boson is not limited to the ones that have been mentioned, civilized society has come up with the Higgs boson discovery.

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