Importance Of Parents In Child Development

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Parents play a crucial and important role in the overall development of children.  Parent’s role is not only confined to the academic and educational achievements of child, but also in the development of inner personality and character of a child. Children start learning things from parents only. Their influence will be very high in case of overall development of children. Starting from relations to education, everything starts in the home itself and parents play an important role in developing several attributes of a child. A parent’s abilities, aspirations, habits, behavior etc. are some of the factors which contribute to success or failure of child.

Importance of parents in child development

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Parents play an important role in child’s life along with siblings, teachers, elders, friends etc. The traditional pattern of family i.e. consisting of mother and father (parents) with children is the best place for children development. But in the practical situations, the definition of family is getting varied these days. Now a day’s both husband and wife are working, so nobody is there to take care of children. Some times after the couple got divorced, only one in the parents (mother or father) have to take care of children. Each of these situations has different impact on the minds of children and in their development. As teachers in the schools are confined to traditional definition of family, they will treat everyone in one aspect resulting in loss of child’s bright future.

Every child will have two problems, one is relating to their food habits and other is about the learning techniques (including education). Most common complaint among parents about their children is their food habits. They even say that their child is not eating well both in terms of quality and quantity. But it is parent’s responsibility to control their children from eating unhealthy and junk foods. Problems like malnutrition and lack of essential micro-nutrients became a common problem these days in all the countries and these will have a long term effect on child’s physical as well as mental development. The second aspect parents worry heavily is about their children’s learning and educational capabilities. The grasping abilities differ from child to child and it is parents and teachers collective responsibility to educate children. Staring from the school age itself, parents should help and have to take good care about their child’s study progress. This will surely help him/her in achieving success in their future life.

Children are not generally mature and their thinking and behavior will be different from adults. Some children are action oriented where as some children are dreamers and some are quick learners. If parents recognize their talent and balanced their activities then they will surely develop in all aspects and will gain self-confidence, self-esteem and initiative nature at the early stages of the life itself. Remember to praise children and be friendly with them; this will surely make them better human beings in future. Finally, becoming a successful candidate in life or becoming loser in life depends heavily on the parents influence in the early stages of life.

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