Importance of Technology

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The world we’re currently living in is full of technology. Either smartphones or high speed internet, mars mission or latest missiles, powerful medicines or amplified communication and many more, each sector has been developing at a rapid rate because of the technology.

This technological boom has made our life cozy enough to become almost lazy! Though, we still need to perform the tasks. Here are a few examples of what technology has really done to us in various sectors.

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importance of technology

The Defense

In the world where every country wants to dominate over one another and ready to fight the battle of supremacy any time, one has to really keep them at the safe distance for the protection of its own legacy.

The massive makeover has been seen in the defense area after the boom in technology. Every country now possesses the missiles with the ample destructive power. The technology has produced some really threatening weapons like nukes, bio weapons and many others.

This development has certainly done the damage to the world peace, but, it is essential to keep some of them when you’re living on the verge of uncertainty on each single second of your life.

The Education

Brilliant minds are always the base of a developed and developing nation. The education system in the world has gone beyond the imaginations with the boost in technology.

The much illustrative teaching techniques, modern classrooms, space for choosing what you love and gadgets like laptops has brought the world into the lap to the future of the country.

The amenities at the school, colleges and labs are giving the much needed practical experience to the students to understand the things right from the basics with no part left untouched of a certain topic.

The Healthcare

The human health was a serious area of concern few decades ago but, now it is at the heights which were never touched before. The technology has provided the cure to the every possible disease which can affect a human being. Though, the early detection is necessary in some cases.

The world class hospitals with the facilities which are able to give the new life, no matter what the disease you have are all over the world now. The doctors which can’t go to the every place physically are using the internet and gadgets like Google Glass for curing the disease.

The technology has significantly plays an important role in the discovery of the new medicines for the disease like cancer, diabetes and others which has improved the years of human life.

The IT Sector

It is the area which has gained the most attention from the technology boom. The IT sector has drastically improved since the two couples of decades. This reason is the much improved satellite system for the communication and computer machines.

This improvement in the IT sector has made sure the new virtual world with utmost security leaving no holes in it. The cyber world is latest on the map which has managed to bring the world to your PC screen.

The latest software which has reduced the paperwork to none and made the calculations for the predictions for the business way too easy is the gift from this technology era.

The Automobile

The time has gone when it took a week to travel within a country from one end to the other. The automobile sector has grown big enough so that one can even leave the earth’s atmosphere and can go to spaces in just seconds!

The on earth area has also some fantastic toys to talk about like the giants airplanes, which can take you from one end of the world to the other in just a few hours, super fast cars which can make you talk to the wind while driving them, bullet trains, massive ships and many more.

All these makeover has been made real ground because of the technology we are using these days. Now, I don’t think so that one can disagree over any of the above facts.

The Communications

Do you remember sending the letters to your beloved ones and then waiting for days or weeks to get the reply? I’m sure you do! Well, the phase has been passed for quite some time now and I don’t think so any one sending letter for communicating these days.

The smartphones, internet calling, e-mails and other facilities had made the communication damn too easy for us that we can instantly disturb anyone at any time of the day and it’ll take 5 seconds to get connected. Now, this is something really fast! What’d you say?

The Manufacturing

The evergreen industry, which faced the transformation because of the technology only, has gone too big. The manufacturing industry had provided the jobs to maximum people around the globe and making the life heavenly day by day as it’s going on.

The technology has opened all the gates for the businessmen to strive and thrive using their talent and mind to change the world. Let’s see how far it’ll sail!

Wrap Up

The technology era has undoubtedly changed the whole scenario around us so as we’re using the best things around us. The era has certainly improved our lifestyle, attitude, approach and hunger to achieve whatever we want.

The sectors which are mentioned above have received a great deal of the technological changes and provided us the much needed help under the sectors like defense, health, travel, communication, machines, education and much more.

Though, everything comes to us with a price and we’re paying a great price for the use of technology as well. Our social world has been restricted to the PC screen, the nature is suffering a lot from the overuse and causing the havoc, weapons of mass destruction has endangered the world peace, the greenhouse effect is increasing courtesy to the enormous automobile use and countless other factors are here to give the though a re-rethink that do we actually need what we have.

I guess, the discussion over the use of technology can go for years, but, till then let’s enjoy the stuff with some responsibility of course.

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