Importance Of Technology In Health

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Health plays an important role in anybody’s life. One has to be healthy if he/she wants to complete any work fully and effectively. When compared to olden days, the health facilities in the present generation has improved a lot and the life span of people increased tremendously. With increased consciousness among people about health and its importance, people are giving more preference to their health. Unlike olden days where people go to hospital when there is a problem, monthly and half-yearly medical checkups became common these days.

Importance of technology in health

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Importance Of Technology In Health Care

Most of the hospitals are using advanced technology and updating their technology from time to time. Developments and technology improvements in the health sector is at global level i.e. most of the technology is getting shared easily and doctors in the remote areas are also getting technology updates in health sector. The increased technology is not only confined to doctors or the instruments they use. People are also getting benefited heavily with technology. People are using android and ios apps for health tips and they are learning effective and efficient methods to prevent diseases.

The usage of internet for knowing health problems is increasing day by day. Recent surveys show that more than 60% of people are using internet for health reasons also. Not only to check symptoms, people are also using internet to check reviews (of hospitals and doctors) and also to know about the side effects of medicines prescribed. Hospitals are using social networks to answer quires of their patients and also to maintain friendly relationship with its patients.

Most of the painful treatment methods are reduced as new machines and procedures were introduced with the help of developed technology. Doctors are updating patient’s records (lab tests, diagnosis reports, medicine prescriptions, vital signs) regularly so that they can further analyze the recent trends in that particular disease. Doctors are also maintaining and updating online data bases which will help medical scientists to know about the widespread of diseases, immunity power of people living in particular area, medical trends of a particular area etc. These databases will also help the researches by enabling them to concentrating more on current health issues. With the help of technology doctors availability to remote and rural areas also increased and doctors are within the reach of patients through mobile phones in case of emergency.

Let’s consider the example of Endobronchial UltraSound test. In the earlier days diagnosis of Lung cancer and T.B. is quite difficult and any misinterpretation would lead to loss of life. Not only that, in the traditional cancer diagnosis test, doctors use incision method i.e. make a small hole to collect samples. But with the help of Endobronchical UltraSound test, it became very easy for doctors to distinguish between T.B. and lung cancer and there is no need of incision to confirm cancer now. This is just an example how technology modified the working of doctors to give better and healthy life to their patients.

The other side of the coin constitutes the negative trends in health. New diseases and new viruses are being transmitted to humans and thereby still need of increasing technology in the medical field.

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