How to Increase Battery Life of Moto G

The Moto G is the current hot property of android smartphone world. The phone has gone viral across the globe because of the features it has with the price tag of US $250.

The phone has almost everything which can counter any demand of daily life. It has 5 inches corning gorilla glass screen, 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 5 MP rear camera and 8.16 GB on internal memory versions which run on latest android 4.4 KitKat.

But, like the other smartphone it also can face the battery issues whiles using. So if you don’t want to face those irritating battery problems then follow the below steps and I’m sure you’ll get the best of your phone.

hard reset moto g

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The Useless and Background Apps

While using any android phone like Moto G, you must have installed huge number of apps thinking that they will help you some day. But, the idea is a total waste as the apps are most effective villain while sucking your battery.

Try to avoid the apps which you don’t use often or at all like if don’t need cloud storage, Google News, Books and other apps they just simply uninstall them and save your precious battery life.

Also, it is highly recommended to turn off the apps completely after using them like navigation or maps as they continuously consume the battery from your phone.

You can download an app which can monitor your background apps and close them as soon as you leave the page.

The Data Use

You must be very enthusiastic about using the internet on your new Moto G but, be careful, it can drain you battery swiftly than your thoughts. The continuing data usages lead to the poor battery life of smartphone as they need more battery to do what you want.

It is highly suggested to not to install any social app which you don’t use like Instagram or FB messenger (If FB is already installed) and other to improve the battery life. You must choose Wi-Fi over your phone’s data if you’re at an accessible place as it takes less power from your phone.

Whenever not is use like you’re in a meeting, party or sleeping where you don’t need your phone, don’t forget to turn off the data uses.

Basic Tips

Some more basic tips are here, which you use to improve the battery life of your Moto G.

  • Keep the phone at Airplane mode while not in use (while sleeping, out of coverage area and more).
  • Charge your phone in the night completely as working on the phone while charging can hurt the battery efficiency.
  • Reboot your phone once in a week and charge it while it is powered off; this can improve the working of glitch apps.
  • Use original charger from the Motorola to charge your phone.
  • Turn off the automatic location option, adjust display brightness and use a battery savor app to stop the useless battery drainage.

Wrap Up

I guess above tips can be very useful if you’re really concerned with the battery performance of your phone.

Besides, if you think that there are more options to improve the battery life of Moto G, then please let us know that in the comment section below.

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