K8 3G is a feature packed smartwatch phone

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September 26, 2015 Electronics No comments

Who would have thought that it was even possible to use 3G in watches? There is no doubt that there is a huge collection of smart watches available in the market but there are very less smart watch phones. Smart watch phones have a sim card slot where you can add a sim card and use the smart watch as your mobile phone. If you want a smart watch with a 3g connection, you need to give a try to K8 3G smartwatch phone. This is the first smart watch phone which comes with 3G connectivity option.

K8 3G smartwatch phone

The smartwatch phone has a 1.4-inch display screen which is an OLED display. The screen of the K8 3G smartwatch phone delivers resolution of 400 X 400 pixels. The round design of this smart watch phone gives a great look and nice touch to this smart watch phone. K8 3G smart watch phone has a 1.0 Ghz dual core processor. The processor is a MTK6572 chipset processor which helps in performing all the functions, which one wants to do on the K8 3G smart watch phone.

One of the best things about the K8 3G smart watch phone is that it comes with Android operating system. Android is one of the best operating systems which is available to mobile users. With Android operating system, you can customize the smart watch phone as per your needs. As there is 4 GB of internal storage, you can put it to the best use by downloading all your favorite android applications and games. The next time you are out and want to check your Facebook notifications, you don’t have to take your mobile phone out as the smart watch phone will do the work for you. You can install other Android applications too on K8 3G smart watch phone. You get android KitKat v4.4.4 out of the box in the K8 3G smart watch phone.

As there is an option of Bluetooth connectivity, this means you can connect the smart watch phone with your mobile phones. The operating systems which are compatible are Apple iOS and Android, which means you can connect this smart watch phone with any Android or iOS running device. K8 3G smart watch will also help you in staying fit and remain healthy. There are two sensors which are present in this smart watch phone which will help you in monitoring the heart rate and the steps which you have took.

The in built storage space can be used to store your favorite songs. You can listen to your songs from the smart watch directly and while you are in your car, you can connect the smart watch phone with car’s stereo and play your favorite tracks.

Black and golden are the two colors in which K8 3G smartwatch phone is available. The regular price of this smartwatch phone is 130.92 at GearBest, however by adding special discount code GBK8A, you can get this smartwatch phone only for $121.99.

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