Kinivo BTC450 bluetooth car kit review

Day is empty without music and so is the night. One can work hard for long only if get entertained after regular interval. And when we talk about entertainment, we talk about music at first. Music is rightly called as food of soul. The entertainment curve that you touch when listening to music depends a lot on the device you are using.

Forget everything else for now, and let’s talk about listening to music in car only. If you have tasted it, you are well familiar with the fun level. If you want to take the fun to a new peak, then I suggest you to buy Kinivo BTC450 right away. It’s a Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit that you should buy to have new music experience in your car. Don’t go with the words I just put here. Go with the below review and decide if it’s worth buying this Bluetooth Hands-Free kit.

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Kinivo BTC 450 review

What We Liked

We got chance to try out the kit recently. We tried it for couple of days and here is our experience with it. Pointed out the things in separate sections in this review so as to make the reading easy for you.

Design and Build Quality

Admit it! In current era of fashion, of show off, the build quality of the devices you use, does matter. This is the first catch we got in this amazing Bluetooth kit. The design and build quality is just fabulous. Small mountable button is there attached to 3.5mm stereo plug and power adapter. You need to have 12V power source and auxiliary port in front side of your car so as to use this Bluetooth handset. Since most of the cars come with it, so it’s not any problem at all.

Durable materials are used to make this kit. The device has been blessed with amazing finish. Music controls and USB port are best things in the design part. All in all, Kinivo BTC450 has not only been designed to add stars in your personality, but also to give you smooth and comfortable experience with it.

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Auto Connects to Device

I’ve used many Bluetooth kits so far, and the biggest drawback I found in them is no auto-connection to device. Even the kits that come wit high price tag lack this feature. But fortunately, this is not any problem when you use Kinivo BTC450, because it comes with auto-connect feature. You just step in your car and the kit will be up for use itself. You can start using for making calls or listening to music. Believe me, this is big boon for lazy people like me.

Easy to Use

Just like mentioned previously, the design of Kinivo BTC450 makes it simple to use. Syncing your smartphone with it is pretty easy task. There is single button on it to play/pause music tracks whenever you want to. Two smaller buttons at the top let you skip to next song, or come back to previously played song, with ease.

To pick the call, you just need to press single button. To make a call, you can type the number on dial pad of your smartphone, or if you are owner of iPhone, you can command Siri to make call, as this Bluetooth kit comes with full support for Siri. This is an extra advantage to all those of you who own iPhone device.

Support for Siri 

Siri is amazing and being an iPhone owner, you know it better than me. Kinivo BTC450 is the Bluetooth kit meant for you if you own iPhone. Support for Siri in this kit makes the things pretty smooth for you. Give voice command to Siri to make call and use this Bluetooth kit to have hands-free call experience in your car.


Price tag does matter, matters the most I believe. Seeing the tremendous features you get in Kinivo BTC450, the price tag seems reasonable. This kit is affordable, so you need not lighten your pocket much to have it.

What We Did Not Like

Although we found pretty interesting features in this Bluetooth kit, we did not like a few things. Mentioning them in the below section.

Wired Design

Wired design is biggest con in this Bluetooth kit. It makes things hard to setup. It will be biggest evil for you if you don’t like entering world of complexity without preparing properly.

Resume Music Manually After Taking Bluetooth Call

This is really uncomfortable. Suppose you are listening to music and attends Bluetooth call in-between, then to resume the music after ending the call, you need to make manual effort. Power adapter must be reset by you to resume the music.


After using the Kinivo BTC450 for couple of days, I’ve come to conclusion that this Bluetooth kit is worth buying. Rest, you are smart enough to make decision on your own.

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