Kinivo BTH240 Bluetooth Stereo Headphone review

Life is nothing without music, right? Music loses its quality if you make a mistake in choosing device/hardware to listen to it. Those who are looking to lighten pocket for a new headphone, must read out this detailed review of Kinivo BTH240 Bluetooth Stereo Headphone. We recently got our hands on this headphone that comes from the house of Kinivo. To help you decide if this is the headphone meant for you, we’re here with detailed review of it.

kinivo bth240 bluetooth headphone review

Before we share our experience and tell you what we liked and what did not in this headphone, it would be better if you pay a look at its specs.

Kinivo BTH240 Bluetooth Stereo Headphone Specs

  • This headphone competes well with other modern time headphones, as it comes with compatibility for Bluetooth enabled music players & A2DP devices such as Android smartphones, tablets, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch. So, if you own any of these devices, this aforesaid feature is like a boon for you.
  • Since headset itself has the functions like play, pause, next & previous track, volume in it, controlling the music becomes an easy task. You can do it from the headset itself.
  • This headphone serves as Bluetooth phone headset to let you enjoy hands free calling, and also as wireless music Headset.
  • The design is pretty trendy, and is meant to add more stars in your dashing personality. The design is lightweight and comes with rating of providing 10 hours of music and talk time.
  • Modified LED design, impressive battery backup, Micro-USB charging port are some other eye-catching features of this headphone.

Kinivo BTH240 Bluetooth Stereo Headphone Review

Like said already, we recently got the chance to try out this headphone. So, sharing our experience with you.

What we liked in this Headphone

Impressive Design

Along with the quality of headphone, its design matters too, especially nowadays. Fortunately, this headphone in talk comes with impressive build quality. The dimensions 12.7 x 12.7 x 12.7 cm are just perfect, as on wearing this headphone,  headband rests around neck of head and headset fits around the ears. The right earpiece is house for all aforementioned functions. Overall design gives comfort use, so that one can use it for one’s desired time.

Setting up Connection is Easy

Literally, no complex task. The connection setup is easy. You just need to press multi-function button for a few seconds, which will make LED indicator blink. Search for headphone on your Bluetooth device, pair it, and that’s all. Connection gets established in no time.

Superb Sound Quality

We simply loved it- clear and loud. Although this headphone does not offer any special feature in the sound part, but we bet, it delivers better sound quality than many expensive headphones do.

Hands Free feature is Boon

We call it boon because it delivers combination of super quality and easy access, something very rare to see in headphones of its price range. Voice dialing feature makes life easy. Just press multi-function button twice to get access to it. The center multi-function button can be used to accept or reject a call with ease. In the Hands Free version, the quality it delivers is fabulous.

Incredible Battery Life

One time full charge takes 3 hours almost. With full charged headset, you can have ten hours of use. micro USB cable is what you get with this headphone to charge it.


This Bluetooth Stereo headphone is full of impressive features, but also has a few cons too.

Bass Level is Low

We did not find Bass Level that high as we expected. In direct words- bass level is low. It would have been great if it was a bit higher than what it is now.

Little Bit Connectivity Issues

We used the headphone for several times. Although most of the times connection went smooth, but a very few times, we had to face connectivity issues.


To cut the long story short, this headphone is just perfect for many out of you. If we compare it with other headphones of its price range, then surely it takes lead in many factors.

Buy Kinivo BTH240 Bluetooth Stereo Headphone

You can buy this headphone from Amazon. The price tag is mere $24.99 in US and Rs. 1,649 in India.

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