Why LED bulbs are better than CFL?

LED bulbs are latest technology in the world of lighting. They are preferred by many over all tradition lighting styles. The LED bulbs are far better than CFLs. In case you are with the question ‘Why’, then this post is meant for you. Writing about the major reasons why LED bulbs are better than CFLs.

LED’s benefits over CFL

Less Power Consumption

The best reason for me – and I’m sure for many- is that LEDs consume less power as compared to CFLs. If you are fed up with paying heavy electricity bills, then LEDs are what can help you saving your pocket, at least in the lighting part.

When used a 75-watt incandescent bulb for the comparison purposes, it was found that the efficiency of LEDs is 80 lumens/watt and that of CFLs is 57.5 lumens/watt. The higher efficiency of LEDs can help you cut your electricity bill.

why led bulbs better than cfl

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Longer Lifetime

No one has big pocket to keep spending on lighting equipment after using them for only a short span of time, right? All want it to happen as one-time investment only. If you want that too, then LEDs are what you should opt for. LEDs deliver a longer lifetime than CFLs. To give you clear idea, let me tell you that the average life of LED bulbs is 40,000 hours, while of CFLs is 10,ooo hours only. Moreover, the lifetime of LED bulbs don’t get effected by installation method or On-Off cycle. On the contrary, both factors play a role in deciding lifetime of CFLs.

Cost Effective

Of course, since the LED bulbs consume less power, so they are cost effective as compared to CFLs. Just like the previous test, standard 75-watt incandescent bulb was used to find out the difference between costs of using LEDs and CFLs. For LED, the cost came out to be $13.04/year and for CFL, it came out to be $20.86/year. So, when you use LED instead of CFL, saving of your hard-earned money is assured.

Environment Friendly

Since you are part of society, you have got some duties to perform for it. You just can’t have a happy living if the environment is not human friendly. As per the various tests, it is found that LEDs are more environment friendly than CFLs. Talking about the figures, an LED emits 451 pounds/year carbon dioxide, while the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by an CFL is 1051 pounds/year. I guess the figures are enough to give you clear idea about how environment friendly LEDs are as compared to CFLs.

Available in Various Designs

Let’s admit it. We’re no longer interested in CFL as far as the design part is concerned. The LED bulbs come in various designs to add more stars in your home’s beauty. You can select any out of various options available to you. In case of CFLs, you have to forcefully select the design that you don’t even like. Come on, let the lighting of your house speak about its design, too.


Provided you all major points why LED bulbs are better than CFL. You are smart enough to understand them and to make the right decision.

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