LED TV – Samsung, Sony or LG?

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January 12, 2014 Electronics No comments

LED TV’s are the most wanted types of TV in the present generation. LED TV has got the best picture quality that can make everyone to experience a theater quality in terms of display. LED TV is slim and it can fit into any place. This is the biggest advantage in buying and LED TV as you can easily fit it onto your wall or keep it safe on the stand provided with the TV. Samsung, Sony and LG are the companies that are providing the best LED TV’s in the market. Although the price rates are similar with these three companies, there are some drawbacks experienced by customers who had purchased LED TV’s from them in the past. We are going to see which company is the best in terms of providing the best picture experience to their customers. If you are about to buy an LED TV, then the following points can easily make you choose the best company among them.

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Samsung LED TV

Samsung provides a brilliant picture quality and the images in the videos can look realistic like never before. The colors can look great when you are using the default settings that has been provided by Samsung. The biggest disadvantage is that the picture quality can be experienced only when the screen brightness is said to be increased to the maximum. If you are bringing down the brightness of the screen, then you are bringing down the picture quality too. You would be viewing a dim picture that keeps moving around the screen. This is where Samsung lacks in their  LED TV’s. You can watch the screen with full brightness only when the TV is said to be kept at a distance far away from your eyes. If your room is small, then you are taking a bigger risk to view the screen with such a brightness as it can affect your eyes easily.


LG has got the 3D experience in their LED TV’s. Of course 3D viewing is available with the other LED TV manufacturers, yet, they provide the real 3D experience that you would get in a 3D theater. You can easily use any 3D glass to view it. This is the biggest advantage as the other LED TV manufacturers make it a rule that their customers can experience 3D only by the glasses provided by them. The picture quality in LG LED TV’s are more than good, yet, it lacks in terms of sound quality.


Sony is the best manufacturer of LED TV’s. They have got the option to adjust the screen brightness according to the surrounding in which the TV has been kept with. The Eco-friendly mode can save your electricity bill, yet, you can get a real screen experience even when you are in the Eco-friendly mode. This is more than awesome as it really works with Sony LED TV’s. The picture and sound quality are the best with Sony LED TV.


So, all these companies are manufacturing amazing LED TVs and the technology is developing at such a pace that it becomes hard to compare them and conclude which is best. One company brings TV series with new features and the other company comes up with even better features quickly. So, you should also check the technology and features of the LED TV before buying it.

We would also like to take your reviews. According to you, which is the best manufacturer of LED TVs between these three companies or you can write about any other manufacturer too. Share your views in the comments.

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