LG LED TV Common Problems

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November 12, 2013 Electronics 35 Comments

Have been in such a problem where you have saved your money with the aim of buying a good LG TV for your home table room? Then just after you begin using the device than problems start knocking one after the other and what follows are worries that you wasted your money? LG LED TVs have many problems which have made the buyers turn to other brands in the market.

One of the problems is that the device turns on and off by itself and what follows is a popping notice that will make the whole atmosphere pathetic. This problem is followed by changing of colors like green, light which are blinked for about 2 to 4 seconds. This is a problem that many consumers have faced for many days of usage and yet the problem has not been tackled in the new devices as we have continued to be hear complains all over in the internet forums and blogs.

lg led tv problems

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The problem of not automatically tuning or changing to other channels is also an issue with these devices. Can you imagine that you are entirely relying on one TV channel the whole day? That would be boring and you would not like it automatically.

Above all these problems, you need a technician who has to be paid for the service, sometimes after reporting the problem the technician will take long time before presenting himself. However sometimes they advise you to buy additional equipment to solve the issue which end up increasing your expenses which would have been eliminated if you bought a different TV device.

Another problem is the complication of the fuses, they go bad now and then and what follows, and the device begins producing popping sounds and turning black in color on the screen. You cannot predict when these fuses will go bad, but suddenly when you are enjoying your leisure time watching an interesting program, the devices turns black followed by a popping sound. It would be pathetic.

Some users have complained that their LG LED TVs do not configure some settings like the Wi-Fi. Hence if you buy the device with the hope to access the internet through Wi-Fi, oops you better thinks about another device for your next budget.

There has also been the problem of appearance of somewhat horizontal lines starting from the top of the screen to the bottom especially when you switch off and on the device. This problem may extend until the screen is occupied with these line making the device look less attractive. The lines may be 1/7 apart.

Some consumers have too complained that the delivery of these devices is poor, you order the device today and to get it delivered to your home, it will take about 2 weeks rather than two days as the protocol with other companies.

These are some of the problems faced by LG LED TV users. But this does not mean LG produces really bad products. These problems are in a small fraction and there are millions of happy customers too with LG. Apart from that, these problems occur with other brands too. As long as company provides you good after sales support, it shouldn’t matter.

Have you faced any problem with your LG TV? Share your experience in the comments below to help others who are going to buy LED TV.

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