LG vs. Samsung: Which Refrigerator Is Better?

As refrigerator became a compulsory need these days, famous electronic brands starting from LG to Samsung, all are concentrating more on home appliances like refrigerators, washing machines etc. While buying a new refrigerator the first thing that comes into anyone’s mind is about brand selection. It always remained as a tough job to decide between famous brands like LG, Samsung and whirlpool. As whirlpool is a bit costlier, we are left with two options LG and Samsung while considering a refrigerator for household purpose.

LG vs Samsung Which refrigerator is better

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Samsung, which attained No.1 position in smartphone market, is also trying to attain the number one position in the refrigerator market. With regular updates in models and available in different sizes and designs Samsung refrigerators are becoming favorite choice for customers. Samsung is releasing the same refrigerator with different outer designs giving different model numbers. RT28FA, RT2935, RT2735, RT26FA series are released in the same way. This enabled customers to choose the design they wanted. This is a revolutionary change as most of the manufactures are still releasing their models in one or two colors and that too without any attractive designs.

LG is known for its refrigerators from long back. Less power consumption, more durability and longer life span made this brand so popular among refrigerator buyers. Most of the LG users are satisfied with their refrigerators and the positive mouth talk helped LG very much to improve its business. LG models always occupy first place in the mindset of customers and LG is still maintaining the same quality and efficiency in its refrigerators from long back. LG usually designs its refrigerators keeping the needs of different people in mind and its one model can serve the purpose of many.

Along with brand names one must also consider some other options like BEE rating (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) which rates electronic appliances on 1to 5 star rating based on their energy consumption and efficiency. Compare different models and go through reviews from different sites. Go with the refrigerator model that best suits you. Instead of directly going to store and asking about models first list out some choices based on your researches from internet and insist on models you selected. Prioritize your choice first among different designs like cabinet depth refrigerators, side by side cooling door model, bottom freezers and French door refrigerator etc.

Finally, if you want a durable long lasting less power consumed refrigerator go with LG. If you want an attractive and quick refrigerator go with Samsung. Both these brands are praised by peoples and critics alike for their customer friendly service. Though there are more complaints about LG, it is still a good brand and the company is constantly improving its refrigerators with health conscious designs. Though the popularity of the brands (in case of refrigerators) is in the order of LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Godrej and Kelvinator; users preference and the availability of customer service in that particular area are the most important factors in the view of customer while buying a refrigerator.

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