Moto 360 price and release date in Canada

Would you believe someone saying that the next era is going to be of wearable tech? You should! The facts are there to prove the claim. After tasting a good success in wearable techs, LG and Samsung are working on the next products of the same type. That’s pretty interesting for sure, but the most interesting is that Motorola is looking forward to diving in this industry.

For the past few months, there have been continuously talks about Motorola’s upcoming wearable tech, which is believed to be called Moto 360. The talks and rumors caught fire after Google revealed Android Wear in March, this year. While Samsung and LG launched their smartwatches following the Android Wear, Motorola is still to do so.

moto 360 price release date canada

While there are no official words so far about the release date or price of Moto 360, but we have got multitude of rumors having different claims about the two. What’s latest in the rumor pipeline is that along with Moto X+1 and Moto G2 smartphones, Motorola will announce the much awaited Moto 360 in a live event to be held on September 4th.

Moto 360 launch

Invites for the Press Event were sent out by Motorola last week. In the invites, the company has teased launch of multiple devices. Popular shopping website Best Buy has revealed all details now.

In the Best Buy lies a product page for upcoming Moto 360 which has all details about the smartwatch in it. As per the details listed in the page, Moto 360 is going to come up with 1.5-inch 320 x 290 resolution display. It’s likely to have built-in pedometer and heart rate monitor. It will be compatible with devices running Android 4.3 or above.

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Moto 360 price

As far as the price is confirmed, the Best Buy claims it to be $249. So those living in Canada, be ready to pay more than the aforesaid amount. Expect the release to follow the launch date with a gap of a few days. If the multiple leaks are to be believed, we expect Moto 360 to hit the stores in the late summer.

By the way, there is not any reason other than Best Buy’s reputation to why we should take this aforesaid price anything likely to be followed by the actual device. Since the eCommerce website has removed the product page, so it leaves us with immense doubt. Moreover, recently a UK based website listed Moto 360 for $279. The product page was removed then also.

The multiple price claims make it hard to believe any, but for now, we take the Best Buy’s details as something ‘sure’ to happen. Currently, two Android smartwatches with $199 and $229 are available in the market. The $249 price will be expensive, but if Moto 360 delivers what rumors have told us far, then there should not be any problem for the customer to pay little more than what he has to pay for already-available smartwatches.

Moto 360 is surely going to be queen of smartwatches. It won’t only decide company’s future in the wearable tech, but would also decide if the upcoming era is really going to be of smartwatches? Would be pretty interesting thing to see, no?


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