Negative Effects Of The Population Growth

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Population growth is a threatening problem

Due to density in the population, many go without food and other necessary elements in their life and poverty struggle continues on, poorer countries becoming poorer and richer countries becoming richer.

Is the modern science a bless or a curse?

The advance of science and technology, definitely improved the pack of population. The new medicine is competent enough to kill the diseases.  Human mind thinks and works in endless possible ways to increase the health and decrease the death rate. But, it also keeps on eye on population growth by advocating for birth controls and approving abortions.

 Negative effects of the population growth

The modern man, very cautious spirit

The same technology which helps and comforts our luxury life, paves the way for many diseases like depression, obesity and other health complaints that relate to heart. To save our heart, we spend many a dollars a day on what we eat and registering in gym and other exercise routine. We go for preventive health checkups too. So health is the predominant thing of the 21st century and it tries to avoid unnecessary deaths on accidents and diseases, and tries to extend the life cycle of human.


The negative outcome is endless

As medicine is lessening the death rates, many people share the same planet, which crosses the limit. To occupy more space, we, the humans swindle the place of animals, and other living creatures on the earth. To support our health and nutrition, we go for massive food production that spoils the earth. There is huge scarcity happens all around the world, from water to other oils for our vehicles.

We are not least bothered about the other creatures that share the planet. We go for hunting and other entertaining activities that root out their existence.

To fight back the poverty and economic issues many people indulge in illegal activities that save their stomach but bringing opposes from government, like deforestation, whale hunting, illegal tusk trade.


Money rules the world


Without money, you cannot buy anything, even the basic things like food and education, and without education, it is not possible to get a job that pays well, when there is no money, you cannot take care of yourself and your family.


There is acute shortage for food, cloth, and space, the basic necessities. There is inflation in economic. It is vicious cycle, one thing lead to another, poverty, malnutrition, ill iteration, increase in crime rates, and adulteration in food to earn money in illegal manners.


Government’s interference

Nobody is willing to sacrifice their life, so they lead in malfunctions to save their life in ill economic times. Government brings schemes on giving free rations, education and proving employment and it also initiates getting loans for self employment. But the problems never come to an end. Wherever you go, you can see only the human crowd all around the world.


Competition rises

Due to high population, you can witness heavy competition on every field. People get into making counterfeit money so many ill activities threatening nations and their economy.

Hygiene is devoured by the crowd, crime rate increased, Inflation in Economy, and shortage of essential sources like oil, food and nutrition.

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