Negative Effects Of TV On Kids

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Now a days T.V. programs are coming mainly targeting children with reality shows, super hero series instead of boring serials. Even channels specially targeting children are also evolved.  Recent surveys show that children are spending 28-30 hours per week in watching T.V. Kids are easily attracted to T.V. because of their innocence and immature nature.

Negative effects of TV on kids

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The influence of T.V. plays an important role in attitude, character and personality of children. Unlike olden days children are now able to watch violent programs, crimes, aggravated assaults etc. which are creating an adverse impact on their behavioral pattern. They are giving a negative impression of life and children are feeling that this is how the life should be. Even programs of world saving super heroes are increasing now a days and they are also having negative impact. Children are supposed to believe that these superheroes really exist and they will save the world in case of problems. At that age, they don’t have the maturity to know that they are just characters played by actors.

The role of parents is crucial in controlling children from watching T.V. Parents must not stop their children from watching T.V. but they should control it.  Instead of always watching T.V. ask children to go out and play some games. Through this he/she can get his daily dose of physical exercise also. They must assign some time for their children like 1-2 hours per day to watch T.V.  Parents must also monitor what type of programs their children are watching on T.V. and slowly control watching of programs which will have negative impact on children. Parents must also explain the nature of programs and try to eradicate the effects of T.V. from their mind after they reach certain age. The difference between reality and T.V. programs should also be explained clearly otherwise they will live in the reel world which seems to be colorful. By the time they realize the truth, all will get over and their life will get destroyed.

Always watching T.V. can give heavy strain to tender eyes of children and in the recent years we are seeing heavy increase in usage of spectacles in children, in which T.V. also plays a crucial role. Not only problems related to eyes there are several other health related problems that occur in children due to excessive watching of T.V. T.V.’s not only take away children’s valuable time but also prevents them from innovative thinking, intellectuality, thinking abilities etc. Watching T.V. will affect their daily activities like homework, sleep, games etc.

Recent surveys show that one in of every 5 children is seriously influenced by T.V. programs, which shows the need of immediate attention. It is easy and common in children to feel themselves as the characters that are show in T.V. but it is parent’s responsibility to get awareness about the real world. Parents must help children to watch the programs that improve their GK and IQ like quizzes, debates and programs that are helpful for their education and future.

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