Negative Impact Of Video Games

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Video games became a daily activity for kids. Not only kinds, people of all age genres are playing video games and people in the age of 60’s also not an exception. Because of videos games people’s daily activity is becoming less and they are confined to a small place and their social quotient is becoming less.

Negative impact of video games

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Video games are highly addictive in nature. Once you start playing it, your mind will compel you to complete it. Once you complete the game, you will surely try to complete the game with possible high scores. As most of the games are linked to social networks these days, it became a usual thing to create challenges and challenge it to others. If any of your friends poses a challenge, you will try to complete it. In the mean time another game or next version of the game releases. So in the view of trying it once you will start the game and the process continues. This is a viscous cycle and it is very difficult to get out once fall in that cycle.

Several psychiatrists are concerned about the health of gamers. The stress levels in professional gamers are very high and they react very seriously even to simple problems. We have even seen cases of killing others for just winning in video game. There are some serious concerns associated with video games and several NGO’s are fighting against violence in video games. The trend of releasing games for the sake of movie promotion is also increased. Companies are also developing gaming consoles especially for gamers showing the increased gaming culture in the present generation.

The violence in the video games of present generation is very high and even children are also playing that sort of games which ultimately have heavy impact on their character. Games which are developed for matures, i.e. for age group above 18 are easily available to children. There are even cases of banning games in different countries. Nature of the game (violent, amateur etc), hurting people’s sentiment (religious beliefs etc), disrespecting national sovereignty (games developed against particular country) etc. are some of the reasons for banning games.

Video games are highly addictive in nature. People even before the release of the game, pre-ordering them; this itself shows how much people are getting attracted and addicted to games. There are several companies which are developing games and they must feel some social responsibility while designing the games and they must also consider the feelings of people and the game’s impact on the society.

Finally, all video games are designed for the sake of relief and to play in leisure times. Whatever the game may be they will have heavy impact on our mental conditions. So keep time-table and play them in leisure time only. One should also not to fell to the tactics of gaming companies as games waste money, time, energy and causes stress. As a hobby playing games is O.K. but if it becomes a habit, it will have adverse impact on your life.

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