No.1 S3 Smartwatch Phone

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September 13, 2015 Electronics No comments

There are many smart watches available but only a few smart watch phones are present. The difference between a smart watch and a smartwatch phone is you can use the smartwatch phone to make and receive calls as it uses a SIM Card. No.1 S3 smartwatch phone is a recently launched smartwatch phone. The smartwatch phone is an unlocked one can be used worldwide on any cellular network.

no 1 smartwatch

The S3 Smartwatch comes with amazing design. The round design of the smartwatch phone helps the smartphone watch in delivering amazing looks. You will get Bluetooth 4.0 with the smartwatch phone which you can use to make connection with Android and iOS devices. Not only you can make and receive phone calls with the sim which is added in the smart watch, but also with your mobile phones sim but you need to make sure that your smartwatch phone is connected with Bluetooth. The dialer will help you in dialing the calls which you want to make using the smartwatch phone.

You get a phone book where all the contacts which are present in your phone get synced, so you can directly dial using the phone book. If you want to add a new contact, you can do that too from the smartwatch phone only. The call log will help you in finding out the calls which you have made, received using the smartwatch phone. Along with the call log and the phone book, you will get music sync feature which will sync the tracks which are stored on your mobile device to the smartwatch phone.

The nano glass screen of the smartwatch phone is quite hard and is unbreakable. It is also anti scratch screen which prevents any scratches on the smartwatch phone. To monitor the heart rate you can use the heart monitor. If you are wearing the smartwatch phone while you are working out you will be able to see your heart rate.

One amazing feature of this smartwatch phone is remote capture. Using the remote capture you will be able to control the camera of your mobile phone. Just turn on the camera of your mobile phone and then enable Remote capture feature of the smartwatch phone. You will be able to record the videos, capture photos easily.

s3 smartwatch

You also get sleep monitor with this smartwatch phone. The purpose of a sleep monitor is to analyze the sleep quality. You will be able to find out the number of hours you slept the last night and at what time you went to deep sleep. Other functions which you will get in this smartwatch phone are alarm, calculator, calendar, stop watch and a sound recorder.

There are three colors available in which you can purchase this smartwatch phone which are white, black and brown. The regular price of this smartwatch phone is $59.99, but by applying coupon code GBNOS you will be able to save $6. This makes the final price of this smartwatch phone to $53.99. It is exclusively available on GearBest.

So, how did you liked this smartwatch? Would you buy it. Have any questions? Use the comment section below.

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