How Noise Cancelling Technology Works for Headphones?

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Some of you may be familiar with the term “noise-cancellation.” But the idea of noise-cancelling came in 1989. And this happened after a research had been done for over ten years to come up with it. Therefore, the question that could be behind this is how it works.  As compared to regular headphones, blocking the sound is not the only work that it can do. This technology is mostly used in cars.

how noise cancelling headphones technology work

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The noise cancelling technology headphone has a microphone which captures the sound waves before they reach your ears. After the noise the waves have been captured, the signals of anti-noise are released by electric circuitry. The work of evaluating how loud the sound is and the pitch of the noise is done with the electric circuitry. And because of sound destructive interference of sound waves, the actual sound cannot clearly reach the ears. This occurs because the original sound has been reversed. The sound that is not necessarily needed is then eliminated completely, but to some extent the ambient sound cannot always be completely reduced to zero percent.

If you are using a noise cancelling technology headphone, you will realize that a sound that you are not interested in will be playing together with the music that you are listening to. But if you are using the artificial anti-noise you will be able to listen to the actual sound of the music. This is completely the opposite of what is happening in the case of noise cancelling headphone. Therefore, you cannot compare this type of headphone with the one that were used twenty years ago.

There are two main types of noise cancelling technology for headphone. There is active noise cancelling and passive noise cancelling.

Active Noise-cancelling headphone

The destructing noises that always come from the background are always reduced by the active noise cancelling technology. There are some components that are active noise cancelling headphone that are not found in regular headphone. Such components are microphone, battery as well as noise-cancelling circuitry

Passive Noise-cancelling headphone

Blocking out the external noises is achieved by covering the ears. This type of headphone does not have the same components that are found in active noise-cancelling headphone. But they form an acoustic cover that helps in reducing the background noise.


When the battery of this headphone dies out, it will switch off immediately. And the fact that it has several circuitries, a number of them might be destroyed.


Limitation of Noise Cancelling Technology Headphone

There are some situations in which the sound that you would like to hear as well as the sound that you are not interested in will not be heard clearly when the magnitude of the sound has been reduced. This can also be as a result of wearing them as we travel.  It is therefore advisable to choose a headphone like Bose’s QC20 that will allow you to get the sound clearly as it cancel the unwanted noise since it has an aware mode.

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